Saturday, 14 March 2015

Steampunk Hats - The final one!

I have been busy with a series of hats for a personal project.

Here is the last one!
I give you Apple Mac meets Steampunk!

I had fun with the thought of what Apple's branding would have looked like steampunk a step back in time!

To create this one, I did the same process with the metal foil as per the silver hat, but then I sprayed it with white spray paint and sanded it back a bit to show the silver.

 Then I added the hat band with a cog to hold it in place.
 Next came the white embellishments which I had to hold in place with painters tape while the glossy accents dried.
 I felt it needed a little more after this so...
 I found some of the DIY straws and some micro beads to make it a little more funky!

 Here we have the final hat...front, back and sides!

These hats have been incredibly rewarding to make, lets hope the final project they are meant for goes ahead eventually.

In the mean time, I am entering this in the 3D section of Sandee and Amelies steam punk challenge for March which is "Gear it Up" as the whole top and rim of the hat has embossed gears on it as well as at least 6 dimensional ones for good measure!


  1. It's been fabulous seeing your hats, this is another beauty!

  2. Love it! Very cool indeed. I've missed the others so I'm scrolling back to find them. Huhs

    1. I will hunt down my other hats and post them in my side bar as I have been busy with them for a year now!

  3. Wow, this is a superb creation!! The white background looks amazing and the addition of the straw workings was such a clever idea. This is one of those projects you just want to reach out and touch.... it looks so incredibly tactile. Love it! Anne xx

  4. Oh my gosh, this is such an amazing and wonderful hat! I imagine seeing someone all decked out in white punk style topped with this perfect hat. And, I saw a glimpse of your others in the top picture and they are very cool as well! Thanks for sharing your art.

  5. Don't forget the Dress form- also about a year ago? Stunning. Will chat to you when we get back from the UK.

  6. Very cool and you have quite the collection. They are fun. WOuld love to see them all together.

  7. These are so much fun - what a lot of work, but so worth it for the fabulous finished effect of the whole collection.
    Alison x

  8. This is so ingenius, Belinda! LOVE your collection of top hats and this one makes no exception! Awesome texture and design and so very well carried out!

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome top hat with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges!

    Claudia x

  9. Wow! You totally have the gears and cogs covered in this hat...all over! What a cool collection of top hats you have created, and your final one is awesome! Thanks for joining us at SASPC! Have a grand day!

  10. oh my gosh this is adorable no words - just stunning a real master piece! Wow! Love love love it!
    xoxo SanDee

  11. Very cool concept from start to finish and I applaud the use of all white. Not an easy thing to do. Your hat turned out brilliantly! Wonderful design and such a unique take on the jump through time! Awesome! Thanks for joining us at SanDee&Amelie's Steampunk Challenge! ~Niki DT

  12. Haven't a cluke what the final project is going to be (an exhibition of your hats?) but I am enjoying the journey. What fantastic pieces you are creating and what talent you have.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  13. Fabulous collection of hats. Love the fantastic texture and creative design.

  14. Belinda you have to do a class on this, I love it Love it. you are soooo clever


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