Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 Done and Dusted!

I have had the busiest but BEST ever 2 weeks of my life so far this year.  I have been participating in the CC101 online class with Tim Holtz and he has been so generous with his information, product knowledge and I can't begin to imagine how much time and effort he has put into it.  If you did not do it but still want to, you can register and participate at any time in the future.  Just click on the participant button on my side bar and you will be taken straight there.

The tags above are the culmination of all the "homework" we have been given to practice the knowledge and skills he has imparted from each days class.  I have participated in the last few years of 12 tags of Christmas and Grungy Mondays challenges as well as read and tried all the techniques in his Compendium of Curiosities book 1 but nothing has come close to learning directly from the "professor" one on one in my home studio!

Now I need to get my inky paws on his Compendium of Curiosities book 2 which I might just order on line from him directly where I can get an autographed copy...

and before you say it...I will...yes I am a Tim Holtz product junkie or addict, call me what you want in that line and you would be quite right!

There should be an AA group for people like me, but at least I know I am not alone...

"Hello, my name is Belinda Basson (aka Bella) and I am a Tim Holtz Product Addict!"

Thanks for the visit.



  1. hi Bella My name is Kay and I am also a Tim Holtz product addict!this was the best ever now we can use all the products woohoo!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR HOMEWORK STILL WORKING ON MINE YOUR TAGS LOOK LIKE YOU HAD FUN!

  2. Hi...Love how you put all your tags down for picture. I need to finish 3 more and I will take one too..I can't believe how much we covered and how fun he made it. Thanks for sharing your work as it made it a lot of fun creating with everyone. PS..I got the book from tim and I love that it is signed and has a photo card in cool..

  3. hello my name is Tamara and i am a Timaholic. But it feels fine.

  4. Hello, all, another addict here-- if we ever hold an intervention or a meeting it had better be a VERY big venue! pretty sure we will have a happier time than most other addicts, too! Ink on, addicts!

  5. Hi Bella, thanks for the comment. I've just had a peek at your tags - they're beautiful & so colourful... And yes, I too am a Tim Holtz addict! I've loved getting to know him & his products a little better the last two weeks - I have so enjoyed this class & feel much more 'educated' than before!

  6. love your tags photographed in a spiral. nice. I don't think I'm a junkie yet...ROFL - Although I have most of his products - they are the best on the market.
    Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a great day

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you took your photo. I'm a total junkie at least found out that I was in the last few weeks. ;) TY Belinda for sharing LOVE what you did with your tags.

  8. Hi my name is Sara and I have zero impluse control when it comes to all things Tim. Ahh, so much better than just about anything other addiction. This one makes me smile, calms the stress, and I get to play with color. What could be better? I am way behind on homework; we haven't received the markers yet so I didn't even open that day but I actually used the knowledge this morning to come up with the right products and the right delivery method. I felt so smart...tee hee. Thanks Tim. I'm happy to be a devotee'

  9. Oooh you have won a prize on the Creative Chemistry site - congratulations - this past fortnight has been very exciting hasnt it!

  10. Hi - my name is Gabrielle and I don't want to be cured! HUGE congrats on your prize win - so pleased it was you x


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