Saturday, 26 May 2012

Scrapbook Factory Shop Class

What a lovely bunch of people I got to teach today.  I had two mom and kid teams and they rocked this page.  So nice to see moms having some one on one time with their kids, doing something fun.

I used a lot of Tim Holtz stuff from the paper to the inks and dabbers down to the embellies except for the embossing folders and the "bra" of the one dress form where I had to substitute for something else due to the cost  and quantities required for the 16 peeps in class and the one lady Evette who will be getting her kit next week...I think I scoured Cape Town and bought everyone out of stock to kit up for this class. LOL!

Here are some of the peeps having fun, adjusting my page to suit themselves and their photos or making  it a single display techniques page to suit their scrap rooms at home.
Mary and her mom
Shamela above and her sister in law below, I did not get a shot of her daughter who was shopping...

Aimy who did really well in her first Tim Techniques class.

Alison who only just discovered that I can't spell and should not be trusted to hand out letters without supervision! She got PUCK which is a cross between PUNK and ROCK - don't ask!
Thank goodness computers have spell check or you would never know what I was trying to say!

Lisa and Ryan who scrapped his birthday photos from this up to date is that?

Carolyn the Scrapbook Factory shop owner with her right hand lady Virginia 

Laura and Barbs changing up my page to suit themselves which I love!
So there you have a few of us having fun 
Thanks for the visit.


  1. Rock on girls...! and Guy!!! So glad you also had a fun day Belinda!!!

  2. Lovely pics Belinda we had a lovely morning!

  3. And the classes for your RU campaign / resume/ etc just keep on keeping on! In these British-mad Royal Jubilee obsessed weeks, maybe I should say you are obviously "Keeping Calm & Classing on...." (that sounds terrible, but won't delete). Thanks for the pic of Carolyn & Virginia.

  4. Bekinda this is a very interesting page I am sure that everybody had a lot of fun,working the kit to suit there is also so nice to see Mom n kids teams...teaching is always a rewarding experience!

  5. looks good, i think it was a very nice workshop. Wish it was in Holland with you as a teacher so we can met in real life.


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