Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tim Tag class at Scrapbook Factory Shop

Hello there

Today I was back at the Scrapbook Factory Shop to teach Tims April and May tags.  You can click on the month to go to the real deal on his blog as I had to change things up some what to be able to mass produce the tags for class.

We had lots of fun and learned so many new tricks and Shrink plastic is now on every one's wish list!

Thanks for coming out to play today...

Laura I did not get a pic of you in the end with your pretty make up today, instead I was blinded by your sidekick's shopping who did make me a shade of green with all her yummy new Timmy stash...I really think the next Colour Green that Tim invents should be called Jealous!

Barbs and part of her Tim stash she invested in today...

Yvette and her finished tags

My Mom and Daughter team

Shop owner Caroline and one of her staff, Lettie, doing their finishing touches.

My namesake Bella with more yummy finished tags and another happy student!

Till later in the week...thanks for stopping by



  1. much concentration by the Ladies in your class Bella & what treats to come away with...lots of happy bunnies...Mel :)

  2. looks like an amazingly fun day!!! well done for promoting our favourite techniques in the Cape!!!! xxx

  3. Ink on, Bella! Another bunch of satisfied & inspired Tim/Ranger nuts. BTW have confirmation SSPaper is on its way to me-- have you sourced any yet? I am happy to share!

  4. Thanks Bella, what a fabulous class and being able to learn so many new techniques.


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