Monday, 13 August 2012

Walk With the Elephants

It has been a productive evenings work, to make up for yesterday I guess...It obviously helps to sleep on a project as I had NO inspiration for these pages yesterday, they just went nowhere in a hurry!

We had the most amazing experience while we were on vacation in July at a place called Knysna Elephant Park where they nurture rescued elephants who have been orphaned due to poaching.  We literally walked with them after we fed them and stroked their rough skin.  I asked one to hold my hand and it put its trunk in my palm.  They are such intelligent, beautiful and sensitive animals.

I have had such fun with Color Wash, paint dabbers, stamps, punches and more of my son's disintegrating trampoline cover.  I might add some embellies later if I find some appropriate ones, but for now, I will let the photos do the talking.

Thanks for the visit.



  1. Wow! Bella these are gorgeous photos and I am so envious of you having been with them. My friend would give her right arm for a trip like this. I have had to enlarge the photos so I can see them better. Beautiful. The layout is good too! LOL. Seriously it is lovely and not a sign of a snivel anywhere!
    Hope you are feeling better and out of your PJs soon!

  2. Hi Bella,

    Oh, how cool! I've ridden an elephant once at San Diego Zoo and was just in awe of such a beautiful animal.

    Yes, I'm addicted to pinterest but have actually made several things! tee hee. Thanks for your visit!


  3. Oh Bella, what a lovely post! I was so touched to read about the elephant who held your hand! They are such magnificent creatures, aren't they, and it's dreadful the cruelty they suffer at the hands of poachers. I love the elephants you sent me for the ATC swap, on the card and the shrink plastic one on the ATC.



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