Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Whats on My Workdesk Wednesday 167? Lables

I forgot to take a before shot so this is from a while back...

This is the after shot:
A while ago Julia our WOYWW hostess asked to see what was in all my drawers...this got me thinking...

Then a friend of mine said she was on my blog during lunch time looking at a WOYWW post when a colleague walked passed and asked in horror..."WHAT'S THAT?"

So these two comments made me think that a labelling and make over type event was needed...

 Behold:  The new look

I am however a visual person and sometimes just peruse my boxes for inspiration which is now hidden behind all these neat labels...time will tell how long this lasts!

Thanks for visiting my desk in Cape Town, South Africa.  I am off to see what I can see on your desk if you have joined in over at Stamping Ground...



  1. Bella you are amazingly organised .... do you feel the urge to start decorating the labels? Because that is what I would start doing and probably still be at it for the next woyww post.
    Sandra @32

  2. We had a fantastic die cutting workshop in my studio yesterday with REDANNE demonstrating and teaching us the art of this fabulous craft. So I know now what you are all talking about. Today I am looking at things on your desks with a more understanding eye. YIPPEE !
    You can see what happened on my blog
    Lynn -:) no. 54

    I love the labels

  3. WOW, that is so organised! And I am so envious of all those useful little compartments! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. RosA

  4. Love the organisation - I am a label person! Why not make your labels stick on type and smaller and then you can still have the visual.
    Off to read about elephants.
    Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  5. My goodness me, you have been busy. That is one huge transformation. I love your scrap room sign.
    I hope you find your school of fish painted on the silk, if you do, any chance you could put it on your blog. I would love to see it.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  6. everything so neat & tidy , lovely the way you have everything organised so that everything is close to hand. happy crafting jill #44

  7. Well it’s definitely a big improvement Bella, but only time will tell if it works for you.
    It didn’t for me when I labelled up all my drawers. My problem is that I’m bad and putting stuff back where it should live and usually end up sticking it back in the first draw I open.

    Happy Crafting!

  8. Ooh, the labels do make your desk look tidier! Who'd have thought, eh? Thanks for stopping by.

  9. So organised, I hope it works for you. I have plenty of drawers but tend to just throw stuff in them :)
    Sally #95

  10. Now that's organized. Lovely
    Famfa 16

  11. Oh Bella, I am so loving the banner. It would look so good in my craft room above my cozy red chair. Simply beautiful.

    I think you did a great job tiding up. The labels let you know what you have without too much stimuli. I like it. I will post my room when I finish (funny that I think that the process will ever end).

    I hope you have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  12. oh you are so organised! happy woyww jenx 60

  13. I love it when things are organised - I'm getting more OCD as I age!! I bet it's a whole load easier to find specific items now. That's good in my books as I hate wasting time searching for stuff :D
    Hugs, LLJ ~72 xx

  14. ooh, now that is some serious organising....after my cleaning session I am almost jealous!! lol!

    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    kyla #53

  15. Hi Bella thank you for popping to see me. I have a tutorial in the pipe line but I am not sure when yet. I have had some great feedback which is lovely. You have been a busy bee. I know what you mean though Bella, about needing to see some of your things. I suggest one or two cubby holes should be for displaying your goodies. Then you have the best of both worlds. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 18

  16. Oh no! Labeling would not make it around here cause I have to see what I am playing with!! I used to worry about organization and 'neatness' cause my room is in the route from the livingroom to the bathroom and a few less smart people asked me if I was booked on a hoarders show yet!...and that was when I was trying to play nice now I don't. Vickie #38

  17. I could not help giggling when I read this and saw the pictures. I too did a major makeover a while ago..I was so diisorganized I couldn't find what I was looking for!! It will last, trust me..what a pleasure to know exactly what is where..LOL!! AND it looks lovely!! Love the banner by the window...that gave me a GREAT idea!!

  18. Oooh Bella, how organised!! Love what you are doing. I think lots of us are in "let's get organised" mode at the moment - there seems to be a lot of it about!! Love the RUBs in the shelves to create drawers. And I adore the bunting in the window! Bunting is so popular - I haven't done any yet, but I'd really love to have some in my ARTHaven. It will definitely feature in my new space once we move in a couple of years' time.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - yes, it's definitely a case of "have space, will fill it" lol lol!! Glad you like the flowers. I've almost made another of the layered core'dinations ones but struggling with awful glue gun probs at the moment! As for the Perfect Pearls, yes, they resuscitate well. You put the powder in the palette, add some water, mix and leave to dry, and then you just use it like a watercolour palette. Once it's dry on the piece, it's as permanent as watercolour would be. Works a treat, and gives you lots of control! I've done a palette for alcohol inks too, and I've filled a fillable alcohol ink pen with blending solution and use that in exactly the same way. So much fun!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #10

  19. Oh Cape Town, looking good from here!! What a lot of work! I totally hope it works for you, but hey, if it doesn't, you'll at least be comfortable with liking it the way it suits you! It looks incredibly efficient, I must say...and now you've labelled everything, my gosh, I'm loving how much stash you have!!

  20. I think it may be the horrid weather we are having, but it looks like the organising bug has hit WOYWW big time this week. In fact, I was so busy cleaning and organising, that I only get to visit now. My legs are stiff, my back is killing me, but at least my craftroom is finally organisedx, YAY!!
    The next time you are in Jhb, I will be very offended if you do not drop by for a play date. :) When and where are you going to be teaching?
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  21. I like the new look but I understand about being a visual person and know where your things are
    Bridget #42

  22. I love the tidiness of the new look and would find it easier to create but also have to agree with the visual bit... because if I 'hide' stuff away in drawers and boxes I tend to forget I have them till the project is finished!!


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