Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Whats on my Workdesk Wednesday 169? A test run

Hello fellow desk hoppers

I was absent from last weeks snoop and swoop round the world via Julia's place because I was too busy fighting our ridiculously sow band width to upload my first video for CC101 Chemists University where those of us who have done the Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim continue our journey of discovery together.

As I type this, I am listening to Paperclipping where Tim Holtz, Laura Denison together with Jennifer Mc Guire are chatting to Noell Hyman, so cool, kind of feels like they are in my studio chatting.

Here is a test run on my desk where I stamped with Pearl Paint Dabber first and sprayed my Color Wash over the top.  I ran a class on Saturday where 3 ladies were sick and so I have to kit up for them which becomes tricky as I run hands on techniques pages using my personal tools so I am stamping, inking and cutting so they can put their page together as they won't have my stuff on hand to use, because a kit with 5 blank sheets of cardstock and instructions would not go down too well I think...

What I needed to see was if the Dabber would resist the sprays which it did, like the distress inks do too...I was hoping this would be as effective, because then at least they get to do some of the techniques I taught this page for....This way I can stamp the page for them using my Fabulous Flourish stamp and they can add their colour to it later.  Below is the finished page so you can see what I am waffling on about...
Here are Barbs and Laura who will be AWOL from my classes for the next 2 months as they have other commitments (How Rude, they have a life...!) So I thought I would post this pic of them from class as it is the only one I took this time cos I was kept rather busy with 25 peeps in the room...gonna miss you guys, class won't be the same without you, looking forward to November....
Thanks for visiting my desk in Cape Town, South Africa


  1. Beautiful LO for a class Bella - I know just what you mean about the old kit...not as easy as most think, huh! I would LOVE to take one of your classes, please would you consider moving your entire life to England?!!

  2. Lovely layout. Busy lady
    Famfa 22

  3. That is such a gorgeous layout! I love the colours and the flourishes. I'll second Julia's request for you to move here ;-)

  4. really lovely Bella! I listened too it was a good listen x

  5. beautiful Layout , & like the colour, happy crafting jill #51

  6. Gorgeous scrapbook pages I really ought to get down and make my own rather tahn buying patterned papers. BJ#35

  7. Such a pretty layout!! :)
    Mary Jo #112

  8. Gorgeous layout. I shall be missing from your classes too! Does that mean I will get a layout sent to me to fill in with photos?!!! LOL!
    Will have a listen to the recording when I am upstairs. I should really be ironing at the moment! LOL!

  9. Oh Bella I love the layouts. The color is so pretty. I wish I could take one of your classes because you have truly mastered all those yummy techniques and create beautiful art. So what's all this about a video? I need to learn how to post videos because I have some tutorials I want to include on my blog. Maybe you will inspire me to do it.

    Your students are very lucky to have such a caring teacher. Have a great week and come play at my desk if you can squeeze me in. I will understand if you don't your plate sounds very full!!

    Namesake (37)

  10. Wow, the pages are incredible looking. I love the colors and patterns. They're absolutely beautiful!


    Terry #60

  11. I love how everything on your desk is labeled. I'm guessing that saves tons of time. Thanks for the inspiration, getting out my labeler for my own desk.

    Sorry so late. Busy week. Katie #158

  12. Gorgeous page! Love the effect and the monochromatic coloring. ~ Laura #122 (who is very late trying to fit in a few more WOYWW visits!)


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