Thursday, 9 August 2012

Women's Day event at the Scrapbook Factory Shop

Today in South Africa we celebrate Women's Day with a public holiday, so to mark this special day dedicated to us, the Scrapbook Factory Shop held a whole day event. from 9am to 5pm with the yummiest lunch catered by Yvette on the right of Carolyn in the photo below.
We arrived to a wonderful selection of gifts on our desks which I have unpacked and put out for you to see below.
This was my spot in the corner together with my friends (please note I really stuck to my guns and travelled light! - that tote bag is all I took)
Then Carolyn made sure that each and every one of us got a fabulous lucky draw prize all to the same value and then there were some lovely big prizes up for grabs for which our names all went back into the hat. I was lucky enough to be one of the pus minus 7 winners in this category where I won the 3 embossing folders tied up with ribbon on the left hand side of the pic below and the rest was from my lucky draw earlier in the day.
I also did some retail therapy...
To make my day Extra special, a fellow on line Scrapper, Anita popped into the shop and heard I was in class, so she came in to say cool is that?
We made 6 cards before lunch and did a double page spread after lunch followed by a 12"x12" board with a  mirror which I still need to tackle.  I have a humdinger of a cold so by 4:30 in the afternoon I was a little past it, and I will do it another day...

I will add my photos to this as soon as I work out what set will go with this  layout.

Thanks so much to Tanya our teacher for the whole day (who I quite forgot to take a photo of) and Carolyn (our Host) for a fabulous day spent in wonderful company, doing what I love best!



  1. What a fantastic day you have had today. Wish we had a Women's Day in the UK or even a Secretary's Day would be great! Wish I had been with you, we could have shared a box of tissues!! LOL!

  2. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing Bella. Looks like fun was had by all! Hugs Sharon

  3. I love the idea of Women's Day.. and definitely no better way to celebrate than scrapbooking! Super cute projects!

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