Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 191? Gifts and a fellow WOYWWer!

Hi there fellow Wednesday Desk Hoppers!

I Have met my first fellow WOYWWer in person here in South Africa and it isn't even a fellow countryman!  No!  It is Ali H all the way from Wales!  She is here on business and let me know when and where she would be and we managed to coincide our free time to go shopping and have a chinwag over some coffee in the HOWLING South Easter that blows here in the summer.

First on our list of things to do was go scrap shopping and so we hit one of our largest stores, the Scrapbook Factory Shop, to see if we could get something South African that it not available overseas and we did!  Then it was on to the Waterfront to go gift shopping and have some coffee.  Finally 3 hours later I had to take her back to her hotel so she could meet up with her fellow countrymen  to go to dinner.  We managed to do quite a lot in the 3 hours but are meeting up again this evening which I am really looking forward to.
 Here we are in The Scrapbook Factory Shop in Salt River above and at the V& A Waterfront below where bronze elephants roam...
 This is Ali's very generous gift to me below and the photo of my desk at the top of the page is what I have been doing with it all!

Now I am off to go see what's on your workdesk this Wednesday at Julia's place over at Stamping Ground where she hosts this world wide desk hop and snoop!



  1. Happy WOYWW. That is wonderful that you met up with Ali (who lives not far from me, and we have not met up YET!). The scrapbook shop looks very dangerous and I am not at all jealous of your sunshine - please send some our way. Ali x #34

  2. This common bond of WOYWW is a wonderful way of hitting it off with someone straight away!! How fantastic that you got to meet up with someone, though it does tickle me that it was a Welsh woman...we get around...loll!! Lovely pics, they made me smile :)
    LLJ 36 xx

  3. My daughter's name is Bella!!! (Sorry, just had to get that out there first, lol!)

    How wonderful to meet up with a bloggy crafter! It's so much fun!!! Sounds like you've had some wonderful time together so far. LOVE craft shopping!!! Almost as much as crafting, lol!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  4. How great you met up with a WOYWWer! Great photos, looks like you showed her some wonderful sights. Happy WOYWW, helen 9

  5. What a wonderful opportunity for a meet up and it looks like you has so much fun in such a short time. I bet you never ran out of something to talk about... it's always the way with crafters and more so with WOYWWers!
    Jo x

  6. I'm delighted that you two managed to hook up - and that 3 hours later you've made another date to there was something to talk about!!
    Love what you've done in your journal with those stamps, great page.

  7. How wonderful to meet up and all through woyww. Lovely goodies and now I am really curious as to what bits and pieces are uniquely from RSA.
    The stamps you have used on the journal page are amazing.
    Sandra @76

  8. How fantastic to meet someone on WOYWW from so far away! Love what you are working on at the moment, Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  9. Glad you have had a great time with a fellow Welsh person! Love what she brought you too! You are doing a great job with it too!

  10. I'm so pleased you gals had a fab time, It's always a thrill to meet a cyber buddy face to face.
    Maybe one day {when I win the lottery} i'll get to meet you too x
    Happy Desk Hopping Day
    Hugz Minxy #59

  11. How amazing for the two of you to be able to get together like that. Crafters are such lovely people and it is so easy to make some great friends.
    Ria #44

  12. Happy Wednesday

    Beautiful pages
    Karin 111

  13. Wow, you've had a fabulous time! How lovely to meet up with another WOYWWer from another country. That's a lovely hawl she got you. Have a great week:) Lucy #23 x

  14. how lovely to meet up - and what fun you had! and what goodies - you are a lucky girl :)
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment x

  15. Now that is a lovely wowyww story, you get to meet up and have fun shopping together! Loving the look of your journal page, the crown caught my attention straight away! Annette #26

  16. How nice to meet up and that looked like a brilliant store to visit ~ have a great week Nicky #13

  17. What a great meet up, it's a fab little community we have going isn't it. lovely stash she brought along too. I wonder if we will see what she brought. If ever I am lucky enough to come your way I will be sure to look you up and vice versa. have a great woyww

  18. Ooh Belinda...i love those pages you have started. Can't wait to see them finished.

    Are they all stamped images?

    So cool that our love for crafting brings us together with fellow addicts from all over the world. I love that!


  19. Oo Bella how very exciting for you to meet a WOYWW-er int he flesh know how excited I was last year when I did it too wow what a shop would love to be let loose there too!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #40

  20. What fun to meet a fellow WOYWW-er! I always enjoy the rare occasions when I meet an online friend - I recently had the experience at the craft show last Thursday. What lovely photos - it looks as if you had a great time. You've got some great new stash too - isn't it fun getting new things? Not only did I get some new stuff at the craft show but I am now receiving parcels - the things I've ordered since that I couldn't get at the show.

    The steampunk pages on your desk look fascinating! Love the designs.

    Thanks for your nice comment, and I'm so glad you like my wheelchair with its new spoke guards! I had so many lovely comments at the show, and everybody loved it.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #111

  21. What lovely pages on your desk!

    Craft Donkey #108

  22. What a brilliant use of that wonderful gift. It looks as though you had a great time together. Thank you for your visit this week. All my scraps are going to the grandchildren to make whatever they wish. I am reliably informed that they want even the tiny scraps, as they can cut them into mosaic size pieces, so "don't throw them away Grandmas". Have a great week. xx Maggie #11

  23. This world just keeps getting smaller and smaller doesn't it? Great that you all could meet and do some crafty shopping together. I really enjoyed seeing what you were doing with your gifts. April #101

  24. Loovoeee all the the goodies you got and how fun to meet a fellow scrapper from another country!! The world truly is a small place :)x

  25. Awesome post! I love that you guys got to meet up! Great gift Ali gave you and I love what you are doing with it! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment. I hope you have a great week and get to have a lot of time crafting! Vickie #31


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