Saturday, 16 February 2013

Harmony Restored before and after shots!

I had not planned a full on clean up today, but some how one thing lead to another after coming home from teaching this morning's card class for my friends birthday party...I needed to put all my stuff away from the kit trays and barely had enough space on the temporary folding desk to put them down, let alone unpack them!

I have been unhappy with the chaos in the study/studio for quite some time but have been flying at full tilt just to keep up with classes, card orders and the like so cleaning up was not a priority!

I found myself thinking that the little cupboards that had once been our bedside tables in cornflower blue and green would look much better white and so I set about unearthing them from behind the temporary (read permanent for the past few months) table and from under the boxes and general stuff on top of them.

I also then realized if I took the base off them they would fit under my existing desk which is just full of  stuff...then they would be more accessible and I would use the stash in them more often.

So the bases and knobs came off and they got painted white!  I am going to get them some lovely clear glass knobs on Monday.

I am now short of surface space for a few things like the 2 albums and 2 boxes that are stacked at the end of my desk, but I need to go through the large drawer and cupboard under them...maybe they can go in there...time will tell..tomorrow

So here are the before and after shots and yes it is now dark outside as it is 9pm!  Wowza!  This has all taken since 1pm to do.  I have such respect for those peeps who do those make over programs on TV!  I know they have crew to help etc but my word it is not a speedy process!

Before, view from the door ( yes the wording is melting off the walls in the heat...I need to get mirror tape...and find the words that have gone down the back of my shelves...)

Before view of the temporary desk and under my desk.

Before view of the two bedside tables

During view of the chaos

The bedside tables about to be painted.

A view of my room during the process from the garden

After view from the door (yes the words are still missing...I have not had the time or energy to hunt them down behind the shelves...that's tomorrows job!)

After view with the newly painted bedside tables under my desk

After view of the place the temporary desk and bedside tables had been.

After view from the garden

My washing basket that holds my exercise ball has to live in the corner in front of the now folded and back to temporary table.  I can now also see out my lovely concertina doors to the garden!

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  1. Such energy! Enjoy your newly revamped space. May I suggest you NEED some of Tim's Idea-olgy knobs for your newly painted units? Not that the glass ones would not look nice, of course.


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