Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday? 192? Car Office

Hello there Fellow Wednesday Desk hoppers

Yes it is Wednesday again, the fastest appearing day in the week.

This time last week I was looking forward to a braai (BBQ) on the roof top of the hotel in the middle of the city, where my WOYWW friend Ali was staying...It howled a gale as only the Cape Town South Easter can, but we had a fabulous evening, being enthralled by some of our locals who gave such informative talks.  They made me really proud to be South African.  At least this meant that Ali and I got to chat for another 3 is really amazing how fast those hours can go by when there is so much to learn and talk about.
My desk is nothing exciting this week and I seem to have spread onto the floor and the folding desk that should only be up in the study if I am kitting for classes, but now seems to be a permanent feature in the room...That's how it rolls around here at the moment...nothing more permanent than the temporary!

I am kitting for Saturdays class at my store(when am I not kitting any more?), planning the next weeks class and have just finished doing Tim's Feb tag which I am teaching at the Scrapbook factory Store where I took Ali shopping last week.
The folder in the middle of my desk is the "car office" as I call it.  This is full of  my art journal and other crafty things to do while I wait for my son and his friends to come out of school or during their sport practices.  It is here to be restocked with paper for stamping on and cutting out for cards as my son has swimming squad practice today.  I have a little pocket full of tools too so I can get quite far with projects until they require the messy stuff like distress inks or sprays etc...
This is the "temporary" desk...

So this is my desk(s) over in Sunny (but windy) Cape Town, South Africa for this week, now I am off to inspect what you have on offer in the way of a view of your creative space over at Julia's place called Stamping Ground.

Thanks for the visit, if you leave a comment please post where in the world you are from, just for the fun of it, it would be nice to know.



  1. Morning Bella - have that photo on my blog too !! Sounds like you are very busy with your lesson prep ! Have a good week & I'll be in touch ! Ali xx #44

  2. Morning Bella what abeautiful desk full of all sorts had alovely nosey!!
    Have a happy woyww and a Creative week ahead
    hugs judex 46

  3. A car office folder? Now THAT is genius!! What a great idea to always have something to hand for those moments we've all had in the car waiting for offspring to finish whatever it is they're doing :)
    And is such a lovely pic of you and Ali! I love WOYWW for giving us a chance to meet folk we normally would never have come across..truly wonderful!!
    LLJ. 45 xx

  4. Hi there, just popping by to say hello; I should be working so it's a bit of a mad dash around this week so don't pop the kettle on for me. Looks like it's all go there. I'm sure you had a good time with Ali and I'm looking forward to the time we can get there too!
    Neil #34

  5. Hi Bella - it's Helen at 14, from the UK (Surrey) here... Great desk - love that you have a folder of art you can do in the car. How clever. (all I need now is a car...!!) Happy WOYWW 14

  6. love the car office idea! and such a lovely pic of you and ali - time does fly when friend chat, doesn't it?
    thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment :)
    happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 5

  7. hi Bella hello from sunny and cold Athens....I love your car clever.
    I remeber the hours spent waiting around for kids...Have a good week.

  8. Hi bella, lovely to see that you have had a great time catching up with a woyww friend. The car art kit is a fab idea ... using all those minutes the slip by while we wait. Gorgeous lo.
    Sandra @81

  9. How wonderful to spend time with wonder the time went so quickly. It always seems to fly when you have time with friends.

    The car folder is a genius idea! Your desk looks jam packed but so organised.
    Thanks for stopping by at my desk earlier.

    Have a creative week and enjoy desk hopping ;D

    Neesie ♥ #7

  10. what a great idea to have a little folder of craft goodies that you can do things with while waiting for your son.
    I love you page layout on the other desk very pretty
    Happy WOYWW #192
    Ria #75

  11. You've been so busy!! I am always guarding against "the spread" because once it starts, it's so hard to stop! That's probably why I put everything away when I'm done one thing, even if I know the next project will need it, just so I can start over with a clean slate, lol! I just can't be creative in chaos. Good use of time bringing your office with you.

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #4

  12. Loving the car office - are you not too often tempted to leave for school waaaay too early just so you can have some quiet craft time?!!

  13. Busy Busy Busy!!!

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Have a great day.
    Lori #110

  14. Great looking desk(s) Bella! By the smiles I would say you and Ali had a great time even if it was just 3 hours. I keep hoping I will meet some other WOYWW'er someday. I am saving pennies and when I have enough I will take a trip!! Got to stay out of the stores though cause I would save so much more! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk this week! Vickie #33

  15. Hi Bella
    your mobile 'office sound a great idea... I always carry a small notee book with me, more for ideas than anything else.
    Your 'temporary desk looks quite permanent too.
    Have a great WOYWW
    janet #38 from a very chilly england

  16. I am so glad you are having such a good time meeting up with Ali, isn't it amazing how woyww has changed so many lives? I love the idea of keeping a folder for doing things while waiting in the car for the kids. Annette in Scotland for now! 18

  17. How organised are you with the car office.... I love it
    Jackie 11

  18. Hey Bella, love the 'car office'! What a great idea :-)

    I will be kitting tomorrow for my class on Tuesday - I am trying to prep further in advance than I usually do - not sure how long it will last lol :0

    happy woyww

    debs #155

  19. It looks like you and Ali had a great time, how amazing that she was able to come to SA with work! What a great idea to have an on the go file to take with you, now that's organised!

    Brenda 115

  20. I cannot believe that you stamp in the car!! Knitting maybe but stamping never! Anyhoo I would get ink all over the steering wheel!!
    Great that you had fun with Ali

  21. Hi Bella! It's been a couple of weeks. My house is finally over the stomach bug and now we are bracing for a major snow storm tomorrow morning thru Saturday.

    That is such a great thing that you were able to meet up with a WOYWWer. I need to find someone close to me.

    Have a blessed day and I am very happy to see and hear you are well my friend.

    Namesake (102)

  22. Your car office is brilliant! Such a fab idea. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend and that a lovely photo too! Have a fab week xx #125

  23. Love the layout on the temp desk it looks awesome#126

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so late this week.
    I love that you have a car art kit, very handy indeed. Eyeing up your box of foam stamps on your desk too.. I need more foam stamps for my gelli plate play!
    Hugz Minxy #29

  25. I'm still trawling around the desks as I get time!
    Your desk is great, thanks for sharing :)
    Jackie #46 (UK)


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