Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday 199? Ditress Paint

Hello there fellow desk hopper!  Welcome to my desk over in Cape Town, South Africa!

This post should really be called TESTING, TESTING 123...

I finally got hold of a batch of Distress Paint and they are truly wonderful!  They are just so creative and unpredictable, that it makes them so enjoyable.  It is a case of paint, spray with water and watch the magic happen!

At the back of my desk you can see a canvas that I first smeared with Gesso and let dry, then I added Mustard seed, Picked raspberry and Salty Ocean followed by a good spray of water and let it dry.  So far so good, not sure where to from here...
To the left of my desk there are 3 squares from a Keiser Kraft kit I never finished at a Convention and they got a dose of Fired Brick, Antique Linen and Victorian Velvet.  The fronts I mixed the colours together and sprayed, while on the back I just did one colour and sprayed to see how it would react.  The single colours with stronger pigment left a watermark effect where as the Antique linen was still very plain...this is the one where you can see the marbled front.

Next I tried stamping with the colour Distress Paints onto black paper and fabric, they worked like a dream.  Followed by Picket fence on the black paper which gives a lovely chalk board look.

I have also given each of the bottles a dab of colour on their lids so that I can see them easily in my box.  The interesting thing is they dry 2 shades darker than when they are wet.  Just an observation if you are trying to match colours up later for a repeat effect.

Finally I played in my Art Journal and used 3 colours, Spun Sugar, Picked Raspberry and Seedless Preserves which I sprayed with water and closed the book to get the colour onto both pages.  I then added the Keep Calm and Carry on Stencil with Black soot Distress ink over the top.  I am yet to finish the page, but it has been fun so far.  In the photo below you can see the marbled effect before I closed the book to spread the colour to the other page.

This is a lengthy post so I better get out of here and onto Julia's desk to see if you have linked up!

Thanks for the visit.



  1. Bella: I love your canvas beginnings and your journal page using the Distress Paints. I LOVE them! I am learning as I go as some things surprised me, and I like happy surprises. I love that I can clean the paints off my hands easily too! The colors you put together are great! I just rec'd a teapot with that sentiment on it and love it! Have a Happy Easter! Winnie#78

  2. Looks like you have been very busy with all the distress paints and I love all the projects x


  3. Hi Bella, I love your canvas. I like it just l like that. The colors are so pretty. Looks like you are having fun and really isn't that what it is all about? I didn't make it to many desks last week because I went on a craft retreat so today I am playing catch up. Come on over and you can see one of the projects I completed while I was away.

    Namesake (104)

  4. I love what you've done with those paints!! I've put off aquiring those...for now! (Gotta get to Wales first!LOL!) But they will be on my Christmas list. And yes, I'll show the floor next time!

  5. Love the Keep Calm sign! If only would be my answer!! Too much to do and not enough time....sigh...
    But my favourite is that bright abstract...gorgeous colours that remind me that summer should be on the way. We need some sun here!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xxxx

  6. Hi Bella
    Wow some fab painting going on on your desk this week... I dont think I have seen those paints are they new, if so I WANT SOME he he. the multi coloured one reminds me of summer, just what we need iver here at the moment, Brrr!
    have a lovely week
    janet #16

  7. Love your canvas, look forward seeing the finished project. Lovely art journal too...fabulous projects. Happy WOYWW Gill x #75

  8. I too like the canvas as it is but look forward to its further adventures :-)

    A Happy Easter from a snowy Czech Republic

  9. Wow looks like you have been having great fun with your new goodies ! The colours look lush ! When you say they dry darker, do they dry darker than the inks of the same name? What would you say is the benefits of them over the inks ? No doubt they will be selling them at the show we are going to in London next month - so would be good to understand what they would offer !! Hope you have a lovely Easter ! Have my sister & 2 nephews coming - so not much crafting will get done !! Take care Hugs Ali xx

  10. I should have put my sunglasses on when peeking in on your desk!! Wow! A colourful post there!
    Loving those paints, and they are on my List but too many other things on my list too!

  11. Some glorious colouring there to work with. I really must have a go with my new Christmas goodies, acrylic inks. Thank you for your visit today, and I am glad it is not just over here that we are starting to go back to proper shops. Talking to friends last night, we could count up at least 4 greengrocers, three or four butchers, several bakers, and at least two fishmongers before the New Town was imposed on us and we lost the lot - all fresh food straight from the growers in many cases. so sad to see it all go. Have a good week. xx Maggie #17

  12. So happy to see what you did with Distress inks. I have been fighting with the Ranger Color Wash. They are soooo strong; look awful! Anyway, yours looks great!

  13. What a beautiful blog and such a fun post! Love what you are doing with the paints...collage swirls at its best!! I look forward to seeing what you create! Just 'visited' with Erna through email and we 'talked' about you! It was all good!!!! I haven't figured out how to join your blog, but I did subscribe by email and I have you as a 'Favorite'!! I will visit often!

  14. Bella, your fame precedes you! Love the artsy stuff you do! So versatile!
    Carolyn (message above) is a wonderful scrapper and a great philanthropist!

  15. Hiya Bella, I just got some of those distress paints too about 10 I think to start. I am loving them although haven't tried on a big surface yet. Love your canvas... will have to stay posted to see how it progresses.

  16. Stunning colours in all your arty craftiness! Bit late visiting this week - Just wanted to say..Happy Easter! x Jo

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog sorry for the delay getting to you but had to rest up yesterday after arriving at my sister's.
    I am loving what you are doing with the paints I am hoping to get my hands on some while here

    Happy Easter to you and yours
    Ria #94


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