Sunday, 4 August 2013

CC101 live pocket book binding class by Neil

Remeber CC101 by Tim?  Well, if you did the on line class over a year ago, then there is a private Face Book Group which started when it was done so us like-minded peeps could hang out and continue to inspire each other regularly.  There is etiquette and are rules to keep us all in line so it works just fine, complete with challenges and prizes too!
Recently one of our group, Neil, designed and had built a Studio for the bottom of his garden and invited any CC101 peeps to join him for a days workshop to make a book to house technique tags that we did with Tim.  He then opened it up to those of us over the sea and we all linked up via Google Plus Hangouts and so there were some in the USA who were up at 3am to join in the fun!
He posted instructions and a list of requirements for us all to be able to make the same thing.  Unfortunately I was working for the first few hours of his class and so I decided to play catch up and made a W-fold 12" sheet mini book (x2 joined together) instead of his pocket system so I could carry on and make the cover with the class in real time.  I spent last night and this morning making the ATC (had to change the size here too cos I changed the book) "tags" to fit the pockets and have glued a set of instructions both on the pocket and the tag, in case they get separated.
I want to say a huge thanks to Neil who put so much time, thought and effort into yesterday.  You really brought those of us who were involved all a lot closer as it was so special to see faces and hear voices of peeps you had got to know on line.


  1. Hi Bella,
    You did a fantastic job in the limited amount of time you had to bring it all together. It was great to see and talk to people who we only text. Wonderful how technology can bring us all together. I'm looking forward to the next get together.

  2. Bella, you did a fantastic job on the W book, a nice interpretation of the bound booklet from Neil's class. It was so nice to "talk" to so many group peeps!!!

  3. Well done Bella. You did a great job on this and to get them all finished too! Wow!

  4. Nice job Bella! I love the adaptation that you made with your book. It looks awesome. I really enjoyed seeing and actually hearing some people's voices via the hangout. This group has certainly become a regular part of my technology life!!!!! :)

  5. That is such a cool idea... How great to get to meet people that you have spoken to like that. I love what you have done here... looks like a fabulous book. Great job and I love all the ATC's.

  6. Cool book! Love the ATCs you've made to go in it. Have a super day! Hugs

  7. Bella,
    This is sooo owlmazing what you came together with for the tag book! I just love it to bits & pieces. Thank you so very much for sharing your heARTistry and this journey with us all.
    HUGS xx

    P.S. It was Lovely to see YOU!

  8. Hi Bella
    I don't know about hiding all those lovely arc in a book they deserve to be out and proud!
    But it sounds like a lot of fun all joining in together great technology. Especially love the column stamp too

  9. Super adaptation :)

    Even more impressive was your pirate outfit, or tiara, or crown... ;)


  10. Awesome! What a cool idea too!


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