Saturday, 21 September 2013

CSI page about me!

I have been waiting for inspiration to scrap the photos that were taken the day I started my 6 week program and the day I finished...

One year on and I finally got it done thanks to the CSI blog that had downloads I could use for this page!

My Evidence is stripes and two different alphabets and my Testimony is the Diary s not about a friendship or a pet...rather about me and my relationship with food...sometimes friend, sometimes foe!

Thanks for the visit



  1. Congrats! You look awesome! Love the LO.

  2. Oh Bella I love this layout...fantastic job on both fronts... I seriously need to get my ass into gear and loose some weight to....I love the glamorous new you...I thought you were glamorous before :) what a fabulous layout to record it too... Love this xox

  3. love the layout and i have to agree with Val - you always were glamorous to me too! BUT - your new shorter hair just makes you a glamorous sophisticat! xxxxx

  4. Wow Bella, what an achievement in such a short time. You were always beautiful but you look fantastic!

  5. OMG! This must have been before we "met" online! Well done you! I am not very good with KG but I can see it was a fair bit.
    The layout is great too!


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