Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 222? Multimedia Canvas

Hello fellow Wednesday Desk Hopper.  Welcome to my desk in Cape Town, South Africa.  Today I give you an overview of my work area as Julia posted on Monday about her new storage acquisition and so I promised her that I would show how I have lined all 6 of mine up.
Not a single one has paper in it...I wonder what the inventors of this 4 drawer paper storing unit would think when they see what us crafters use their products for.  I have mostly stamps in mine and one or two have punches or lazer cuts.

Then here is a close up of my desk where I have used the Kaisercraft stencil/template with gesso and texture paste as a sample for a Multimedia class (part 2) that I am teaching tonight.
In the background you can see the cover of my art journal where I have used a local brand of crackle paint.  It is quite the best I have ever used!  Over my many years of crafting, I have tried many brands.  This one allows you to fiddle a bit with the top layer and I am so excited to see it worked with the distress paints too as I tested a bit on the side of my canvas.

Well, that's me for today.  Might be a tad late in desking as I have to be at school for my son at 8:00 today and then teaching tonight, so see you tomorrow!



  1. Hi Bella
    Wishing once again I was there to take you class ! Looks fun ! I have had mixed results trying to crackle too - can be a bit disappointing ! Hope you enjoy your teaching tonight ! Was MIA last week (see blog !!) so just admiring your market stand - it looked great ! Have a good week ! Ali xx

  2. Your desk looks exceptionally organised Bella!

  3. Mmmn! Would love to have a rummage in your stencils there. That crackle sounds like a good find too!

  4. Oh gorgeous! I love your room and the banner. Teal in black is so pretty - love what you did!

  5. Great picture of your crafting space!
    Masks you are using looks nice ... Good to try local brands and see how they work

  6. So many drawers! I would have fun filling those up. Very neat desk.

  7. Hi Bella,
    Great minds think alike, right. I have been working on a canvas too. Love that stencil. Have a great day. 93

  8. Oh I so want to have a rummage through those drawers. like the stencils, especially the holey one. hope the teaching went well

  9. nice Canvas , love to work with masks and stencils.

  10. I really wish I could take one of your classes. Your prep work always look so fun. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting #1

  11. Gotta love the crackle you got. It is wonderful. Wish I could get crackle like that. And those 4 drawer organizers are perfect for stamps and such, I'm sure. Happy WOYWW (because it's still Wednesday in my world) from #2.

  12. Fantastic work station and that crackle piece is gorgeous :-) Please tell me - what is the big red thingy on the right with the handles on it ???!!!


    IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

  13. OK So what brand did you use ???? Heritage? because I am battling with it too.... :( love that stencil too one of my faves...xox


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