Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What's on My Workdesk 242? A Prize!

Hello fellow Desker, welcome to my desk on a perfect windless summers fact we are going to "cook" later...they are predicting ridiculously high temps for today!  So while I know you are probably freezing, we are cooking...where is the happy medium?

Well you are not here to discuss the weather, but to see my desk.

I participated in the New Years Eve streamathon that was organised on Facebook and I won a set of IndioBlu stamps from Cathy.  What a generous prize, not one, but 3 sets!  The nice thing is the images are ALL ones I will use and look forward to making stuff with.
Then there is a pile of old photo blocks on the left of my desk and the jars of texture paste, gel medium and gesso lurking in the background.  I have been invited to supply craft items for a stall at a carnival at the end of February.  I have been scratching around to see what I can use and found these abandoned old photo blocks. (these are wooden blocks that had glossy photos mounted on them like posters in 5x7" and larger - I have ripped off the photos and am left with the plain block)  I have covered the top one with hessian so far and played with some stamps and sprays on the bottom one and some neutral tones of paint on the others.  Now to decorate them with something that peeps might want to buy...

Then here is a pic of my desk while Claire's Mom came to stay with me, she wanted a painting of an African sunset with an Acacia tree in it to take back to England with her, so I painted her one in an evening...I forgot to share that last week.
So that is me

Now I am off to see what I can see on your desk this week if you have linked up with Julia.  With school starting last week, I did not get a chance to reciprocate to comments, but I appreciated those of you who made the time to leave me a note.



  1. Great desk today, Bella! Loved that painting when you tweeted it, it is gorgeous! Have a great day. Helen 23

  2. Really, in an evening? are adark horse with all your talents! Am ignorant about Photo blocks...but I like the sound of re-using them, and how flattering to be asked to have a stall...we deskers aren't the only ones who love what you do!

  3. Beautiful painting! Bit jealous of your warm weather too, Rebecca #41

  4. You are a woman of may talents!! Great painting, it really captures the light :-)
    Good luck with making stuff for the stall, it's always tricky to know what to make/leave out. It's nice to see the old bunting still going strong too!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  5. wow Bella dfancy paintingat first eore read it porperly (had looked at pickies first like to do that) and thought the paitnign was going to be on photo bloacks as I too did not know what they are...

    you know what else think you should turn your painting into a digi stamp image and lake it into a card or better still paint a miniature !! you clever Vegemite!! (you do need to watermark your work too)

    .. and well re the heat and cold - we are in perfect temp. country where we live in this part of Oz - Goldilocks not too hot or cold just where I live.
    We might get odd very hot day but mostly comfortable, Shaz in oz.x #7

  6. argh forgot to proof read it!! should read:
    "wow Bella fancy painting in one night! at first before read it properly (had looked at pickies first like to do that) and thought the painting was going to be on photo blocks as I too did not know what they are... "

    there that makes sense see type too fast and not touch typing..Shaz.xx

  7. A beauty, that painting (and what a great friend you are - ask and ye shall receive, apparently :)) Lucky you on the stamp win. That is a fab collection. I'm with you - I would use them all.
    IS purple in? I had no idea....Look at me, all trendy and stuff....


    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (19)

  8. Double lucky Bella, not only a prize but a great talent for art. That painting is truly beautiful.
    Ann B

  9. Congratulations on the win, Belinda - a lovely prize of great stamps. And that picture... what can we say - it's lovely! Well done.
    Thanks for already visiting. Yes, I do feel my age at the mo. Lots of stuff has been going on, and it's good to be able to spend a day or two not doing too much - just visiting everyone!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #7

  10. To be able to paint such a glorious sunset in one evening is brilliant.In answer to your comment, Gemma has a very efficient reverse gear, especially if there is food involved. Nevertheless, I shall be so glad to get everything sorted and get down to some real crafting. Have a good week with your win. xx Maggie #21

  11. Your painting is absolutely stunning! Truly gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Zoe #32

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  13. Wow you did that painting in a day it looks really great well done! A lady of many talents
    Jackie 33

  14. Too bad about the heat . . .it's -39 celcius here in Ontario! The world is a funny place! Your painting is gorgeous! I love African scenes! Have fun with your new stamps!

  15. Congrats on the win Bella! Lovely stamp sets, what fun you will have with them.

    Gorgeous sunset painting, one evening huh?

    Thanks for the earlier visit.
    Krisha #13

  16. Congrats on the win Belle! Nice work, love that headphone stamp, thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. The painting is gorgeous, how talented are you! Cx #18

  17. Its always fun to win stamping goodies. And that painting is wonderful! Glad I stopped by Susanne #66

  18. Such a pretty painting you've made :)
    here's the cupcake link ->
    hugs Nikki 20

  19. Congrats on the win of the stamps. They all look great, but I'd be interested to know how you plan to use the cassette tape or the boom box, lol.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #5

  20. WOW!! What an amazing painting. You are one seriously talented lady.
    Happy Wednesday

  21. love the painting. it's always nice to here what the weather is doing other places.

  22. Hi Bella I was busy reading and drooling over the gorgeous stamps when I saw you painting OMG fab or what ... and in an evening? you should paint a few of those for your stall or maybe they are more of a tourist thing as you tend to take for granted what's on your doorstep.
    Have a great week
    janet #9

  23. Hi Bella I have said this before, I love your desk...everything on hand and so so tidy!! I think your new stamps are fantastic I am sure you will put them to good for the painting, it lovely,such a lovely momento to take back to the UK.

  24. oh wow that painting is absolutely beautiful Lx

  25. Really nice prize there. I so love the painting. What a lovely way to remember her trip. You are so talented. Peg R #91

  26. What a lovely painting! You are so clever! And what a fabulous win! Have a good week,
    RosA # 3

  27. The painting is gorgeous, WOW! I love your desk and all that wonderful storage... I'm not obsessed with storage at all....LOL
    Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great week... DeDe #16

  28. This heat really is something else! I don't function well in heat.
    Love the painting.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #14

  29. Wow...I love that are multi talented.

  30. For being number 1 this week, I've sure taken a long time to return your visit. Blame it on Blogger and life getting in the way.

    I've never heard of photo blocks, but if you can recycle them, they are worth it. And of course, I was blown away by that painting. You have some incredible painting skills. This is an awesome painting.

    BTW, I'll gladly take a bit of that heat for one day.

  31. Those stamps are stunning... well done you. Can't wait to see what you create with them... lucky girls... I love the painting too. Multi - talented... xx


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