Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 248? Marmalade!

Hello fellow Desker!  Yes, I am back to the green mat...if you did not visit last week, I had spray painted the back of my A1 cutting mat white so it would look visually more pleasing...but...everything stuck to it, so I have turned it back over and now it is stuck to my desk...another days problem!

On my desk is Marmalade and Cream, or Marmelodious for fun.  He adopted us in December by moving onto our patio at the front of our house and rushing in the house at any given opportunity to eat Chelsea "the geriatric" dogs food.
He then moved himself in after a few weeks when he realised that the dog was not bothered with him and is now king pin, seeing as  Chelsea is now in Doggy Heaven.
This pic was taken in December of the full Menagerie: Cat on couch, rabbit on blanket and dog.  All doing their own thing!

So this is my desk.  No crafting going on.  Going to see Tim Holtz at a teachers training day in Johannesburg on Friday.  Flying up at 6:30am and home again the same day at 9pm.  2 more sleeps.

Then he is coming to Cape Town next Saturday the 15 March to run a convention.  So excited to see him twice in one week!


  1. I wondered how you got that paint off the mat, then laughed so hard when I read you just turned it back to the green side.

    Love your darling Marmalade and Cream. You are so awesome to take him in. Now he has a forever home where he is safe and well cared for. Both Bleubeard and I applaud you for that.

    Lucky you with Tim. I am impressed that you get to see him twice in one month. I bet there are Timmy lovers out there who would give their left arm to be in your place. Thankfully, I'm not one of them, but I sure like that Vagabond on your desk (grin).

    Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. Somehow TWO weeks in a row I missed the critical words "BACK OF" the mat. And I try to read every word, too.

  3. Tidy desk and gorgeous babies, what more can one ask for? Thanks for visiting, enjoy your week and happy crafting
    DeDe #17

  4. I remember your mat painting exercise! Love how you turned it over, now it's stuck to your table! love it!
    Love your puss. They just seem to know who to adopt. Sorry about your dear doggie. It's so sad when our pets die isn't it?
    Judy #12

  5. Who would want to craft with such a pretty kitty??
    And seeing Mr Holtz twice - you LUCKY girl!!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 33

  6. LOL! Trust a crafter to want to colour-coordinate their mat and LOL! at the sticking. Annoying, isn't it, that GREEN is the most common colour of those useful mats. They just look so revolting so quickly....

    back online but slow :(

    Mary Anne (29)

  7. Oh my lucky you Belinda, going to see Tim Holtz, twice!! Nice desk space and lucky cat to be invited to stay. Cheers and have a superrr time RobynO#30

  8. I agree, how wonderful to see Tim not once but twice in one week...I am soooo jealous :-)!! I had a cat adopt us once, he came to us when my husband was ill and left after he passed away. I think he knew my husband had not long to live and came to spend time with him as he was a cat lover. A very special cat indeed. I hope your cat gives you as much joy as our cat gave my husband. Happy WOYWW and have a great week. Thank you for visiting earlier.
    Janene #9

  9. How beautiful she is too especially love her colouring, she looks like she has a really good personality that will warm you to her instantly. Give her a tickle from me and a hug. Love the rabbit, I used to have one in the house when the children were small, sadly since passed on, they are such good house pets. Please to see the matt has changed or flipped over to be gone for now, it was a big of a pain. Thanks of visiting and have a great crafting week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14
    Happy WOYWW

  10. Vanity will be all our downfalls eh lol the painted mat.
    I would gladly swap my cupcakes for your Tim Holtz experiences look forward to seeing how it goes next week..... Have a fab time
    Janet @19

  11. I love the pic of the 4 sleeping (or sitting/resting)! Your Marmelodious is beautiful! And your mat story had me giggling. Such lessons we all learn. Thanks for visiting and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #4

  12. Hi Bella,
    Great post this week, loved the pictures of your pets, even the cute boy on the sofa.

    Happy WOYWW
    Krisha #32

  13. You've been adopted! Love the kitty, his coloring is great. I'm sure he'll be wonderful company.

    Sorry to hear about your mat troubles. I've had many over the years, but definitely prefer the dark green ones to the newer, light green. The dark ones cost more but last much, much longer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  14. Well I hope you get you matt fixed, and I have to say I see a house full of love. The kitty is a handsome one if I do say. and the bunny just tops it off. #18 & 21

  15. Now here's a bright weren't carried away enough to spray both sides of the mat..and have a non slop, self stick green mat!! how sweet of you to make houseroom for Marmaledious (gotta love a nickname), he clearly doesn't upset the rabbit. How great is that.

  16. Twice in one week? Oh my goodness!! Enjoy! lovely fashion statement on your desk today - he is rather beautifully marked, isn't he?
    I love the story of the craft mat. How good that it no longer moves around the desk whilst you are working.
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, they are a great bunch, aren't they?
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #13

  17. What a super clean area!!! I can't believe the animals get along....that is way too cool! And, I know you are so excited to see and learn from Tim!!!

  18. Lucky Lady meeting The big TH
    Thanks for sharing Carole # 84

  19. What a sweet looking cat!
    Pleased you have been able to give a forever home
    Jackie 36

  20. Oh my goodness -- I have a cat, too, but he sits in a chair at the table while I craft, watching everything I do. I'm jealous you get to see Tim Holtz twice in one week! Have FUN! Sharon, #95

  21. Shame we can't make our mattes prettier so I guess we r just stuck with the green your kitty is just so cute we got one of our old cats that way hugs Nikki 7

  22. So sorry to hear about your little doggy but pleased you took that cat in. What a beauty!
    Enjoy your two times with Sir Tim - Hugs, a green with envy Neet at no 8 xx

  23. Had to laugh at the mat, nice try though... and I am sure you will get it unstuck from your desk at some stage! LOL What a lucky girl you are getting to do the TH stuff TWICE in a week!! Will be looking forward to hearing all the details. Annette #3

  24. Love yout o bits for giving your lovely Marmalodious a forever home, he certainly looks very happy!

  25. Your kitty looks right at home there on your craft desk :)

    Tim Holtz twice - wow, can't wait to hear all about it so you can make us really jealous ;)

    Sherry x
    WoYWw #87

  26. oh no, on the stuck to the table top part, and Marmalade looks gorgeous :)


  27. How wonderful to be doing class with TH. Can't wait to see what you have learnt with the master. Love the kitty/kid/bunny photo.


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