Monday, 21 April 2014

My first Snapguide tutorial

Here is my first attempt!

Check out How to Make an Anemone Flower Using Tonic Studios Die by Belinda Basson on Snapguide.

It would seem that Social media is constantly evolving.  I have tried to make a few Youtube videos and you can see the link to one I did a while ago in the right hand column of this blog for making Rolled roses.

The only issue with Youtube is the quality of the filming due to the fact that our link up to the rest of the world is rather slow here at the tip of Africa!

I noticed that Graphic 45 has started using the Snapguide system to show how their projects were made by their various peeps on their design team and so I thought I would give it a try.

It is easy to use and I think better in many instances for a "how to" tutorial for making projects if you remember to photograph each step clearly.  This way the person wanting to follow your instructions can move through your photos with the instructions as they are working on the project.

What is your opinion on this new (to me anyway) concept called Snapguide?



  1. Ooo! I am just popping over there now!

  2. Gorgeous flower! I'm liking Snapguide for tutorials. I find it's much easier to follow along as you can click thru at your own pace. Well done, Bella!

  3. Really cool Belinda... Love the way the flowers turned out. WIll have to give it a try. I have SOOOOOOO many flower dies and I never use them which doesn't make sense cause this way you get the exact colour you want. Well done girl.

  4. So cool! What a beautiful flower!


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