Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday 253? Cutlery Pouch and lots more!

Hello dear Desker

Welcome to my desk in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am in the middle of lots of things...doing a step out post of how to colour Gorjuss...still manufacturing the cutlery pouches for Saturdays market and I have put the Pratliglo (like a resin) onto the tray for one of my students who did the paint technique and the decoupage cups.

Below you can see a finished pouch and how it will look with cutlery in it on a side plate.
So that is me this week, busy with lots and achieving nothing! Well, that's how it feels, though I am sure it will all get done in time.

I am keen to do extra ATC swaps for our WOYWW celebration, let me know if you are keen too.


  1. Love the cutlery pouch! Have a great week. Helen 11

  2. Lol Bella I know all about being busy and trying to get heaps done but feel like your not getting anywhere :-). LOVE your cutlery pouch! What wonderful ideas are out there with such talented people like yourself. I really enjoy visiting your blog to see what you are creating next! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #36

  3. Love those pouches, very different and stylish.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  4. Hi Bella, lovely cutlery pouches and that students tray is gorgeous. Have a great week, Cheers RobynO#29

  5. Your cutlery holders look wonderful how clever are you.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #44

  6. I love the cutlery pouch, so cute with the picture. That tray looks fabulous.
    Have a great week,
    Von #53

  7. Thanks for the picture of the cutlery pouch what a fab idea - hope they sell well for you. Great stamps of the implements.
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 14 xx

  8. Love them! What a great idea for a table setting. And I could set aside an ATC if you like mine....

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (15)

  9. G'day Bella. Happy WOYWW day to you. I'm a returning WOYWW after almost a years break. Oh wow the students try is gorgeous. I love the cutlery pouches too. I hope the markets go well!
    Annette In Oz #23

  10. You are SO busy, Bella. Beautiful cutlery pouches - really unusual. Well done.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #25

  11. Those cutlery pouches are the best, loving the stamp on it. Where is it from?
    Here from WOYWDW , Happy Wednesday!
    Cathy #80

  12. Those pouches are absolutely adorable! They would be so great for a wedding reception.

    Thank you for your comment--and your fb vote--I REALLY appreciate it, Belinda!

    #13 this week with
    fairies, a please, and
    a thank you!

  13. What lovely gorgeous stamps. Popping over from WOYWW.

    Have a great week.

    Happy Crafting

  14. What an unusual idea, Bella, and how beautifully executed! Your desk, as always, looks so attractive and interesting.

    Many thanks for your nice comment - up close the knitting really doesn't look machine knitted I can assure you! I have always enjoyed doing a challenging piece like this, and enjoy all the colours, and it's also something I can do in the sitting room while relaxing, although I do need to do something about the awful light in there which makes the colours impossible to see!

    As for the kitties, they always live in hope that my hubby will share. They know better than to try it on with me lol! (Not sure if I could trust my hubby if I wasn't there, ha ha!)

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #12

  15. Interesting desk! I had to take a closer look at the tray. Love the coffee cups on it. And I like your cutlery pouch. Hope you get lots of sales! Thanks for popping by and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N now #22

  16. Hey Belinda
    Those little cutlery holders are darling how great would they make a table place setting. I'd have to leave off the lace because it wouldn't be too girly for the DH but I love yours lol.
    I'd be happy to trade an ATC with yah I made a few extra too
    hugs Nikki 3

  17. How adorable and clever! So perfect for a dinner party. Thanks for stopping by! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #1

  18. I quite agree with Trisha, those pouches would be wonderful for a wedding reception or other special occasions, perhaps with pictures of the happy couple on them too. Thank you for you visit this week. You are right that it is hard to all get your words out in a group when you meet so infrequently. I have suggested that we should make it a two day event in future, now we are all retired and so far apart round the country. Hope your market stall does really well for you. xx Maggie #30

  19. I'd love to swap-send me an email with your mailing address and I'll put you on my list- it's in my blogger profile.
    glad you feel at home at my place.
    Love the pouch!
    thanks for stopping by, your kind words and the snoop around your place.
    robyn 5

  20. Oh my life, the tray is lovely, what a clever teacher you are...and of course, the cutlery holders are gorgeous..they'll fly out if you ask me.

  21. Very cool tray, and hose pouches do look lovely on the plate!
    I'm planning on a few extra ATC's, so I'd love to do a swap!(Actually, you're already on my list! LOL!)

  22. I hope your busy-busy comes together in time for you. Find time to relax and enjoy yourself too! Have a good week, Chris # 35

  23. hi bella
    no, no, no looks like you have achieved a lot. the tray and the cutlery pouch are gorjuss (pun intended)
    hope the sale goes well
    janet #19

  24. Ooo Bella. Such pretty sights for sore eyes today on your desk!
    I have you down for an ATC - better show my face on WOYWW very soon. I am off work next Wednesday so I shall share my desk then!

  25. I am interested to see what else you do with the canvas on your desk. I have one to make but keep putting it off, just can't get started with it.
    Happy crafting, Angela #64

  26. Just love your cutlery pouches. Those would be great for family gatherings. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #20

  27. That pouch is a clever idea, and very smart too!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  28. Hiya Bella
    Great to see your cutlery pouches ! They look lovely ! Do share a picture of your new hair do ! I would love to do an ATC swap with you ! Are we doing it to a theme do you know ?
    Ali xx

  29. Love the cultery pouches - they look stunning - thanks for visiting me - Nicky #6

  30. Hullo Bella... love those drawers at the back of your desk.. and the tray wow clever girlie.. thanks for popping over, will try and remember to email about atc, Shaz in oz.x

  31. I love that pouch! You are so creative! Great desk too!


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