Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 254? Gorjuss

Hello there fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.
Welcome to my desk on a Sunny Autumn day in Cape Town, South Africa.  The Gorjuss Tutorial is as it was a week ago, but while uploading photos from my phone to show you my market table, I came across these:

This was Marmalade when he moved himself in at the end of December...a rather scrawny motley coated cat.

This is Marmalade now, a sleek furred, somewhat filled out, contented cat!  He clearly chose the right house to adopt!  Food and love on tap!

My pink hair...can be parted further over, then you don't see it so much.  This is at its MOST visible pink.  Did it when I lost my best friend Claire to breast cancer in December...just had the roots done on Friday again.  Having fun with it as it makes peeps smile when they see me.  Had to buy the top to match as all my other pink things look faded next to my hair! LOL!

My table at the market at the local library last week-end where I did quite well.

The other side says the usual...Keep Calm and carry On.

I like this side better!

That is me this week as my desk is boring.



  1. great reason to have such wild (coloured) hair - looks great. Happy WOYWW Helen 20

  2. I LOVE your hair, but so sorry you lost your friend...
    And Marmalade looks so happy and healthy - what a pretty kitty :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 27

  3. Your desk is never boring Bella!! Love that name as it is my youngest daughters :-). Your hair looks fantastic and I know your best friend would have loved it. I am so sorry for your loss. When I lost my cousin Jen in July of last year a part of me went with her, as Jen and I were not only cousins but the best of friends. Cancer...should not be around anymore, I keep praying for a cure as it took my handsome hubby as well, and is just so cruel. Your adopted cat looks very content and happy lol! I have to say I love reading your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #5 xx

  4. Bella thank you for visiting me for my first week back Woywwing with everyone in ages. Marmalade is looking very happy and healthy and I love your pink hair, not everyone could pull that off. Hope you have a great week and happy Woyww. Danie #29

  5. Amazing coloured hair - but I'm saddened that you lost your best friend. Now, I had indeed heard of colour me beautiful - but to get the top to exactly match the shade of hair is going some... well done you!!
    Thanks for the visit earlier. - yes, I'm hoping some folk take up the idea of knitting those little dolls - PCM do so much work there in Uganda - and the smiles on the children's faces are just stunning.
    Have a special Easter.
    Margaret #18

  6. Hi Bella, yes the pink hair makes you glance again..lovely thought for your dear friend. Marmalade loves it at your place :-) Cheers and have a great week RobynO#43

  7. Congratulations on your art show at the library! Your desktop looks like it's been used a lot lately, so that's always a good sign - cool phone, by the way! Have a blessed week with Marmalade!

  8. OOh a stall in a library - why on earth have I never thought of that before! Guess where I work? I love the pink hair, so sorry to hear about your friend. My bestie has just been diagnosed with same, we are waiting on results of scans etc to find out what happens next. You never know what's around the corner do you? Happy WOYWW and Happy Easter, Cindy #59

  9. Hey Bella, thanks for visiting me earlier and for the ATC advice. So much to talk about on your blog today - LOVE the hair, Marmalade is gorgeous he did choose the right house, nice work with the fair at the library, I miss doing them now I am in the US..need to look for one. I also love that Gorjus stamp. I should have bought some when I was home last. Cx #25

  10. Love your hair, I can't think of a more wonderful tribute to your friend. You're a funky babe :-)
    Marmalade is looking so great now, what a difference a few months fussing makes!
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  11. How beautiful Marmalade looks!

    What a great cause for your pink hair......LOVE IT! You must think of your friend every time you look in the mirror, what a wonderful way to celebrate the time you had together.

    Thank you for the lovely comments and your visit this week.
    Krisha #3

  12. Awwww, what a sweet kitty. He KNEW the right place to go. :-)

    I love the flip side of that pillow, too funny.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #17

  13. I don't think the desk is boring- we get to see the bones!
    thanks for visiting , your kind words and the snoop around your place!
    Robyn 2

  14. lovely Gorjuss stamps I bought some recently but not yet used them. I think your hair is fab and a lovely gesture in memory of your friend for Marmalade he is definitely a well Loved happy cat whata transformation .thanks for visiting and your kind comment.I hope you have a great weekend and happy Easter Andrea #24

  15. I love your hair and the message behind it. what a lovely tribute. Shame it's too far to come to lend support for your show :) Better late than never :)
    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (23)

  16. Loved not only your desk but meeting your cats today Belinda!

    Have a wonderful WOYWW and a blessed Easter Weekend!

    Create With Joy

  17. How can you call your desk boring when you managed to finish all those projects for your sale? It's resting, like actors do between jobs! Glad you did well - you deserve it. Your cat has really blossomed with your TLC. Love the hair, and I'm sure it would have made your dear friend smile, too. Easter blessings, Chris #31

  18. love your hair, its a great reminder of your dear friend.
    I much prefer that side too, getting a bit bored with the whole keep calm thing now, this is the best variation.
    have a good week
    janet #22

  19. I can see why you did well! Your table looks inviting! And that kitty looks loved!
    What a wonderful thing to do in honor of your friend! Do you really use bubble gum pink to touch it up? I would totally put it in my hair! But I'm afraid it would stain my clothes or worse, wash out if it rains!

  20. What a great reason to have pink hair. I'm sure your friend would have been both touched and honoured. What a fabulous friend you are. Ela x #83

  21. Hi Bella,

    I love your hair and the top matches is perfectly. What a great way to pay tribute to your friend.

    Your desk looks nice and busy. What a transformation Marmalade has made! Animals definitely know which house to visit. A friend of mine had a pig walk to her house and then a parrot flew into her window. She's a sucker for animals!

    Thank you for visiting me already!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (13)

  22. Hi Bella, awesome pics this week! My Mum gets adopted by cats all the time, Marmalade seems to be doing well out of it! Love your hair, and the cushion is ace! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz # 34 xx

  23. What a transformation - Marmalade is amazing!
    Love our hair - fabulous ink and I can understand why you had to have that top.
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit - Neet 28 xx

  24. What a great desk, all those labelled drawers just where you can reach them and the stand for the inkers. Wonderful.
    But you can guess what got most of my attention, your wonderful Marmalade puss. He certainly knows where he is well off.
    And that hair, brilliant, what a fantastic thing to do. Are you collecting money for research?
    Bless you

  25. Your hair colour is smashing and for such a great cause. Love your craft table and that kitty was not silly he choose your house.


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