Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday 292? Buck!

I am late to the desk party cos I have just arrived home from a 5 day stay with my family up the West Coast.

Last week I showed you a pic of me floating down a river.  This week I show you the cutest furry friends I made!

3 Months ago this guy was 3 weeks old and looked like this.
Now he has beautiful horns which will sill triple in length and he will double in height.  For now he is able to walk in and out the house, but soon he wont get his big self in the door!
His name is Tipsy cos he was rescued by my brother in law who works with wildlife and saw the mother in distress so did an emergency cezer which meant that the little buck could not stand for the first few days as they usually drop and run with natural he wobbled about and got himself the name of Tipsy.  Apart from eating the natural vegetation, he is still taking 3x 500ml bottles of milk in the morning and evening.  Check out his eye lashes...
Then meet Bambi.  The latest addition to the hand reared lot.  She is a Steenbokkie. (Stone buck) She loves a cuddle if she can get one.
 Here is Tipsy sneaking in my bedroom door this morning from the patio! 
Still no artwork to show you...maybe next week when life is back to normal...such as what is normal?


  1. Oh what gorgeous photos of the animals! I really enjoyed seeing them and hearing their backstories too. Tipsy is going to be well put out when he can no longer get in the house :-) Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  2. How lovely Bella - love the animal update, they are gorgeous. I love the markings on their face. I agree with LLJ, Tipsy is going to be very disgruntled when he can't get into the house. Cx #66

  3. What lovely photos, although of course there's no animal cuter than a bear!! :) thanks for visiting our blog already today.

  4. Lovely photos, they are soooo cute, Wouldn't you just love eyelashes like that
    Jan S #57

  5. Oh Bella, this was such a fun post. I adore the photos of Tipsy and Bambi. Really great of you (and family) to rescue these animals. Makes me enjoy this WOYWW visit so much more than a boring desk.

    Happy belated New Year and happy WOYWW from # 2. And thanks, too for the earlier visit.

  6. Beautiful pictures of the animals ... Reminded me I had a cat called Tipsey once
    Jackie 4

  7. OMG look at those ears on Bambi so adorable those are some gorgeous pets you have there I'd love to be around them but sneezing my head off at the same time so pretty they all are hugs Nikki 8

  8. So beautiful. Happy WOYWW and 2015. Anne x #23

  9. Hi Bella ... definitely the cutest desk this week.... so amazing to have all that wildlife right inside the house. hope to see your desk back to normal next week
    janet #16

  10. This is a delightful post Bella, I love the photos of Tipsy and Bambi, they are just gorgeous - and you are right about those wonderful eyelashes - wow! Anne xx

  11. Ohh these are such goregous pics and the animals in your country are stunning. Looks like you are having a brilliant holiday.
    sandra de @14

  12. Great photos - if large for house pets at the moment.. hope they don't mind too much when they're too big to get inside. Can't help much with 'normal'!! Helen 9

  13. Ek het gewonder hoekom jy so laat is. Love those photo's. Just spent a week on a road trip in the West Coast and lost my heart in Jacobsbaai. Want to go live there so badly. The peace and quiet! Bliss!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  14. Wow. In just that short time! Humans gestate slow and grow to maturity even more slowly so you have time to get used to it :) So majestic, tho' and lovely they are here, alive and well, thanks to the extra effort you (and your BIL) put in. what a way to start the year :)

    Happy First WOYWW of 2015!
    Mary Anne (15 - just a lucky coincidence)

  15. What beautiful house guests your BIL has right now. Not sure I would want to pick the doodads up though!
    Great pics to scrapbook.

    1. The doodads come as a lot of peanut size balls and quite dry, easily swept up and don't really smell. We call them Bokdrolla!

  16. Oh what sweet animals!!! I'd love a fawn cuddle - :D

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33

  17. Hi Bella Wishing you, Andrew & Luke everything good for the coming year ! Thanks for your visit earlier. Looks like you had an amazing trip - the creatures are so gorgeous ! I am very jealous ! And of you in your summer outfits - the rain has lashed down some days this week & we are all huddled in our winter woolies ! Sending a hug for the New Year Ali xx #21

  18. Hullo there Bella,
    ah these are sooo wonderful, thanks so much for posting these cuties we can see craft other weeks this is great .. love the delicate features of Bambi but both are special.
    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy belated WOYWW!
    Shaz in Oz.x #24

    {Shaz in Oz – my personal blog}

  19. Thank you so much for posting those photos of the animals. It doesn't always have to be about the desk, sometimes we want to see other people's lifestyle and beautiful country. I have never been to SA but I have several friends from SA living in the UK.
    I love Afrikaans. I did A level Dutch and did Afrikaans as a special project for my final exam. My examiners didn't know much about it so It was a bit one-sided exam. Needless to say I passed with flying colours!
    I know it's late in the week but have a good one,

  20. Sorry I'm late! So glad I got by though; loved seeing all the furry babies! I can't believe how much those horns grew in 3 months! Amazing! I don't think our deer's antlers come in that fast!


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