Thursday, 13 June 2013

Accordion Clock Card

There have been a few accordion die cards on the blogs lately (This one by Helen really took my fancy) and I was inspired to see if I could make my own using one of my existing dies.

I recently purchased Tim's Tick-Tock clock die and have made a card by folding the paper and cutting it with the fold not quite to the top, that worked well, but this is just so much better!

I accordion folded a 6"x 12" piece of green card stock and cut it with the die.  Then I did a normal flat piece of black and cut that twice for the cover of the card, keeping the inner circles for the backs.

I used florists wire as the "spinner" for the inner circle and sticky tape for the joins between the inner circles (put a backing piece of sticky tape in the centre of each piece so it does not stick to the card).  The photo below is wrong as I first stuck them all on the same side, but the one sticky tape piece has to be on the other side of the frame so that it will fold in the right direction, look at the last photo to see what I mean...I forgot to re-photo this image again after I corrected it...

I then cut one more full black clocks so I could use the inner circle and stuck the black "backs" over the florists wire so the circles could spin on an axis.
Lastly I decorated the card using Tims Gadget Gears die covered in crackle paint and distress stain, the Do Crafts gears die as well as the Couture Creations Timepiece folder swiped with Peeled Paint distress ink and some yummy idea-ology for added pop.

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  1. YOU are seriously freaking amazing. This is so cool....

  2. Bella you are ingenious! I back ordered the accordion die from the USA because I could not get it locally and now you have gone and improvised! Well done.

  3. This is fab ! You are so clever ! Andrew is going to love it on Sunday ! Was reading about your new stash below - wow ! Looks like it is making a bid to take over the house !! Hope you will have great fun with it all ! Take care Love Ali xxx

  4. OMG! This is soo cool! How clever of you.

  5. ohooo clever! Love it! Quirky craft have a fold challenge on at the moment!

  6. Very clever, that is one great card.
    Happy crafting, Angela x


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