Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday? 194 Roses

Hello fellow Wednesday desk hopper! Welcome to my desk in Cape Town, South Africa!

I had a serious case of room shrinkage due to...well I am not entirely sure what, but I got seriously fed up with it on Saturday after my class and did a MAJOR clear up and re-organise, including restructuring and painting of some furniture! To see the before and afters go here
This is my room of stash this morning and yes the word Relax is relaxing slowly off my wall above my desk...I need to go get some mirror tape (along with new glitzy handles for my re-purposed bedside tables now residing under my desk) from the hardware store.
The photo at the top of my post with the roses on the black canvas is what is still there from creating this step out series last night on how to make a rose from a punch.  I think you can read the instructions if you click on the photo, it should enlarge enough.
This is the dining room table at my friends house where we meet once a month for a creative something or other and chin wag.  We usually pick a theme like stamps, embossing folders, punches or dies and all bring our stash with and swap so we take home some new ready made things to play with.  This Monday it was die cutting and so we have called our little group the BOND girls as we all now have Vagabonds and we die cut up a storm.  The plastic bag on my desk to the left of the first photo is what I cut with their dies.

So now I am off to see what is on your desk if you have linked up with Julia on her blog over at Stamping Ground where she valiantly hosts us every week.

Thanks for the visit.



  1. What great roses, yet another way to make them. Great work space. Francesca #29

  2. GOREGOUS FLOWERS! I love your room and thanks for the visit to my blog. Lol my desk was a mess to me because usually I can see the top of my table. You should check out last weeks woyww post. Much cleaner.
    ~Christina 13

  3. You do have a wonderful setting for playing on, maybe you should measure it to see if it has shrunk LOL

    Kaiser Cogs a new stencil on the market, love it.

    Can I come and play too, just a little travelling involved and maybe accommodation, will bring stencil with me LOL

    Happy WOYWW

  4. Wow, love those roses! Evena ham fisted klutz like me could have a go at those!! What a great idea that is :)
    Love the before and after room's definitely brighter and breezier now...a great crafting space!
    Hugs, LLJ x38 xx

  5. WTG! I love those roses Bella! Love how your room turned out and I am like you I need to get in and reorganize or move rooms. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28

  6. That rose looks fantastic! Your room is so wonderful! Helen, 5

  7. Love how your roses came out and your photo instructions
    It's nice to get together with crafty friends I did the same this week
    Jackie 19

  8. Ooohh, love your organization, Happy WOYWW

  9. Gorgeous idea on the punch rose ... Your space is amazing. You seem to have a little draw for everything.
    Sandra @83

  10. The rose is Gorgeous and I Love that you are a Bond girl x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  11. the flowers are really pretty and I love the idea that you and your friends have come up with crafters are such a sharing bunch of people
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW
    Ria #73

  12. Love your desk & organisation! The flowers are lovely, fab way to use that punch. Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #91 xx

  13. What a fantastic workspace and beautiful flowers. Sounds as if you have great fun crafting with your friends too.
    Linda #106

  14. What a wonderful space! Also love your roses!
    Glenda #88

  15. Hmmn! Would I like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting!! Tee Hee!
    Those roses look gorgeous - now I need some more punches! Gotta wait until London show though!

  16. Gorgeous roses! What a great idea, meet and cut! Ohoo you've meet 'Himself'! Lucky lucky you! Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Nan 7

  17. Those look lovely - and possibly even easy to make, with the punches. They are so full and lush against the black. NO! I will NOT get swept away by the beauty and rush off to order them. I WILL NOT! At least not TODAY....


    MA (16)

  18. I'm a BOND girl too. Absolutely LOVE my Vagabond.

    That rose is stunning.

    Enjoy hopping around the world today nosing into people desks.
    Lori #57

  19. Bella you are right when I first come to your blog I feel like I am looking at my desk when I see the pink mat! Funny.

    I am happy you had time to revamp your craft room. It always recharges me when I change up things and tidy up the place. So I know you must be happy.

    I am loving the punch that creates a flower. So pretty. I am into flowers lately. So it's very tempting!

    You know I like the idea of a monthly swap with craft friends to make stuff up and trade. Might have to get my girlfriends on board.

    Well you have a blessed day my friend.

    Namesake (66)

  20. Hi Bella
    You craft room looks all nice and tidy, and those roses are really great.
    Thanks for popping by my blog
    Krisha #21

  21. What a fabulous room you have to work in, so organised. And so pretty in pink too. Love the pink highlights.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier, have a good day/week.
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

  22. Wow what an awesome work area you have to play in.. Love your rose too..Happy WOYWW Gill x #103

  23. Your craft room looks great Bella.
    Happy WOYWW, have a super week,
    Laura 146

  24. I love that punch,I have similar ones and you've inspired me to dig them out! Tamika #131

  25. Well, I admit my mind went to James Bond, but I think your definition fits well, the Vagabond girls! Love all the roses you're making! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  26. Oh, I love the pink mat and now I love the pink flowers. Gorgeous. Sounds like a super idea with the Bond gals. And rearranging..I'm so tired of organizing..have 1 more time I think before I can say I'm really happy with my arrangement.
    Thanks for stopping by last week too, just no time for me with the computer problems. Happy WOYWW and Enjoy all your fun ideas.

  27. Hi Bella
    goodness aren't we all neat and tidy and fresh looking this week.... great job on the room, it looks fab. Your roses are very cool... I have the Tim die but actuaky this one looks easier and fuller.
    have a great week
    janet #32

  28. Love the roses and your room looks great all fresh and tidy had a pop over to the before photos lots of work has been done and looks terrific. Bond girls made me chuckle..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Sandy :) #1

  29. Wow...Bella, your craft room look awesome! Love your gorgeous roses, too. Thank you for sharing.... :)

  30. Hi Bella, love your craft space, the roses are gorgeous.
    Carol.x #60


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