Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tim's Tag for June

Well, I have been meaning to go get some watercolour paper since the 1st of being the 19th today, I finally got to the shops!  How scary it is when time just evaporates before my eyes!

I used the Tim stamp I was gifted last week and coloured it according to his instructions and made the background tag using the identical colours. (having tested various papers, I have found that Manilla tags are simply the best as they hold the colour well)  The background stamp is from the Papillion set and I decided the tag needed something extra so I put a heart on a jump ring and attached it to the ribbon.

Only 10 more days to wait till Tim does his July tag!
Thanks for the visit.


  1. what a great tag you made of june. I have to make mine but it's to hot at the attic where my scraproom is. And i have only 10 days till the next one is coming.

  2. Hi Bella Great to see what you have been up to ! Your room is super smart now ! How do you remember where everything is - do you have a system ? Late visiting desks tonight as have been at scrapclub. It took the whole night just to cut out my holiday photos ! How long is it going to take to scrap them !!!
    So glad that my envelope arrived safely & you liked your little bits & bobs too ! Maybe a bit lost in all your stash but hope you find a fun use for them ! Have a great weeks ! Hugs Ali xx

  3. What a beautiful tag,!I like the way you "translate" Tim's suggestions!

  4. Lovely tag there Bella. Love the colours.


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