Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tilda Easel card

Hello there

I have been looking at these beautiful cards on Pinterest and have really struggled to get one to work for me at my desk...

I love them when I see them on line, but then when I try to put them together myself, they seem "too much" if you know what I mean?

I have gone rather bright with this one which is not anything like the ones I admire, but hey, it seemed to have a life of its own!

Here is how I put this together.
First I coloured her in, then I chose paper to match and found this cup cake paper which is YEARS old, then I found flowers to go with the cupcakes and inked up the die cuts to match the lot...This in itself took nearly the whole morning to go through my stash.  Not a bad thing as I am now reminded of all the stuff that lurks...

I cut the pink mat and drew round it on the back of the paper, cut out a square 1/8" in and mounted it on the mat to line up with where it was cut out.

Then I added all the bits and bobs I had gathered together and made the easel, mounted the card front and added the sentiment to anchor the easel.
This was so far out of my comfort zone it just isn't funny, but I learned a lot in the I need more flowers in my stash and next time I will chose my paper first and colour her accordingly!

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  1. A very lucky person is going to receive this card Bella. It's awesome!
    I too spend a lot of time finding the supplies I need to make some cards, but the results are worth it.
    I also love the way you "pimped" your blog for Christmas :) Jenny xo

  2. lol... I also work arse about face and I still haven't learned... it is the thing that frustrates me the most too so you would think I would make changes... but noooooo. I think this turned out great and I would never have guessed it was out of your comfort zone. hugs

  3. Awww! I think we all do this mistake - colour first then think about what papers! Lovely though and bright and colourful! It is good to work out of your comfort zone once in a while!


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