Monday, 25 April 2011

Alcohol Ink frame

Hi fellow inky friends

Well I have been wracking my brain for a gift for my Hubby for his 40th. The answer presented itself to me last night in the form of some beaten up frames I bought at a sidewalk sale. My Hubby is a cyclist and has a ton of medals, just lying in his cupboard. So I decided to make him 3 frames to house them. One for road races, one for mountain, and one for the biggest timed race in the southern hemisphere, the ARGUS CYCLE TOUR, he did his tenth one this year. So far I have done 2.5 hours per frame, I better get moving!

First I cut some Gadget Gears and stuck them to the frame and backboard, then I took my sticky backed foil and tore it up and stuck it all over the frame.

I cut the foil at the join and took the frame appart. Using alcohol ink (pitch black) I covered the frame and the board and sanded them, hot glued the medals in place and put the frame back together. Hay presto, part one of 3 done!

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  1. They look teally great. I am sure hubby will be thrilled.


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