Thursday, 5 November 2020

Lady Vagabond Suitcase


Every Vagabond needs a Suitcase

So I set about making one for my Lady Vagabond using one of the Stamperia blanks KC56

I started by priming my whole case inside and out with Gesso K3P08N, then I painted the outside with Allegro Terra d'Ombra KAL106 brown and sprayed the inside with Aqua Colors Turchese (Turquoise)KAQ018, Cuoio (Leather) KAQ004 and Verdone (Dark Green) KAQ001.

When everything was dry I used Antonis compass stencil KSAT15 on the lid of the box using Allegro Cuppuccino KAL90.  Stiking to the same paint, I then stncilled he rest of the box using the new Once Upon a Time stencil KSTDG06 and Classic Wallpaper KSTDG07. For the locks and the finishing touch round the edge of the lid I used my stencil called Luggage KSG455. 

I poured some Polyurethane resin into my moulds "Fly Machine" K3PTA482, Locks K3PTA484 and Antonis mould K3PTA488 for the saying under the handle "This way for Adventure" then painted them with my "Rust combo" Allegro Mattone KAL20, Arancione KAL08 and Terra d'Ombra KAL 106.

For the verdigris look I added some Turchese with Texture Sand paste K3P40 and a little dark green Aqua Colour mixed together.  For the final accent I added some copper Cerantica wax on the right hand side of all the raised areas.

I also used one of the greyboard KLSPDA413 laser cut clock parts as a base under all my resin pieces and painted this with all the colours mentioned above.

The inside of the box was finished off with some of the paper from the 12x12 paper pad. SBBL82


  1. Love, love, love this! I always enjoy seeing your process. I learn so much!

  2. I love this. I am just starting with this, so can learn so much. Thanks

  3. You keep blowing my mind. I love all these possibilities with your new line

  4. How lucky is Lady Vagabond to have a beautiful travelling suitcase like this one! I just love the 'Once Upon a Time' on the back and those cogs and bolts are fabulous - great colour choices too!

  5. This is so stunning, what a fantastic creation.x

  6. I love your collection Lady Vagabond and your projet it's stunning..Congrats Belinda

  7. I love your collection Lady Vagabond and your projet it's stunning..Congrats Belinda

  8. Love it, this project is amazing 🥰


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