Friday, 8 April 2011

Off to meet TIM himself!

Well, when I received a tweet from a friend just now reminding me to breath, just breath, I realized that 6 months of waiting for this day is finally arriving tomorrow!

Tim and Mario are in Cape Town and running a class at the SA Scrapbook Convention tomorrow morning. I am going to be up at sparrows cos registration is at 6am and I live an hours drive away...for those who know me well locally, they have been asking what I am going to wear and is my camera camera is always charged and in my hand as an extension of me and as for my clothes, well, now that is an interesting question as I usually could not be bothered... The venue is notoriously air conditioned and you either cook or freeze so I will be doing my onion impersonation with many layers! Now layers of what, I am yet to choose, so best I get off this computer which is such a thief of time and get packing.

I will also be having dinner with the convention organizers and lecturers tomorrow night, so watch this space...

I hope to be tweeting and posting pics if I can. SA is not known for its speed of light techno communication!

till Sunday then...

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