Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to make a LINK to your blog in a comment

OK, so Mr Linky went missing today over at Julias place.  I know how to make a link here in Blogger, cos you press the word link at the top and add the addy then it does the rest for you.  BUT some clever peeps have managed to put a word in their comment on her blog which links to their blog and I could not get it to work for me, it kept pasting the whole long winded addy.

I saw it said you can use HTML under the comment box...My hubby is a programmer and can do these things - I cant and he is at work, but I wanted I looked at the "behind the scenes gobbledygook" worked out how it had linked to Julia's blog and copied the gobbledygook, added the bits in between that pertained to my blog and hay presto!  it worked!

I have put the gobbledygook is in red so you can see it better here to copy.  You just need to type it out as per normal in black...I had to save this as a jpg or it wanted to make it into a link every time, so click on it to make it bigger on your screen.

Hope this helps!


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