Monday, 1 July 2013

Pinterest inspired card

Well, I am making good use of the ideas I got off Pinterest over the past few days.  Here is my card inspired by the one from Caggy's Creations (click on her name to go to her post)

I used a die cut cloud to ink round in the background and then pop dotted two fresh clouds and stuck the hearts on from the left overs of a MS edge punch. (I happened to have saved them for a rainy day when I might need them...LOL)  The banner is from the same Sizzix set of dies as the clouds below.

This is Caggy's original and my jumping point for inspiration:

Thanks for the visit.



  1. Sorry I haven't replied to your email Bella; it was very sweet of you to send it. I'm glad my card inspired you; isn't Pinterest just great for inspiration?! Love your card, especially the cloud background. Caggy x


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