Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What's on my Workdesk (and walls) Wednesday 216? Market Stock and Dymo

Well, Hello again fellow Wednesday desk hopper!  It being late on Tuesday evening, our hostess having Internet connection trouble, has posted early while she had some connectivity via a friend!

I spied this as I am currently glued to my PC or hubbies iPad cos CHA has started and all the sneak peeks have been snuck and all the yummy new products are out for viewing and drooling over!  I love this time of the year!

My DH has fixed my down lights so now it is like broad daylight in here no matter what the time is!

I am busy making stock for a market I am doing on 25 August.  Yes that sounds like a mile off, but I know from previous experience that time goes in the blink of an eye and it will be here before I am ready and so I have started mass producing the cards I think I will need...kind of like a factory line process.  These have got from start to finish...there are another 10 designs that still need to get this far!  How many weeks did I say I had?  And I thought I was so organised! LOL!  Also on my desk is my Dymo cos I got distracted by an idea on line where someone used clear plastic through it and had it on their scrap page...I had to try it immediately! It worked, so did some coloured plastic too!  Then there is my sewing machine...most of you might know I hate sewing , but I keep seeing more and more of it on cards, so thought I would give it a try.  At least this way my poor machine is getting used!
Here above is Flat Susan (can you find her?  Its a bit like that book Where's Wally?) on her last day last week with me, just helping me to get my head round this printers tray.  I made the two bottom rows of drawers which are all full (well not FULL of buttons) but each drawer has buttons in it...then there are the other rows.  I like to see my stuff, then I use it, but then it looks cluttered...so then I do what I did to my stamp drawers which you can see in the top photo...I put paper in with the contents printed on it...which kind of defeats the purpose of clear boxes or drawers!  So you can see the 4 patterned paper drawers above the pink ones?  That is my dilemma!  do I fill the rest of that row and the one above it with this paper drawer or try find clear plastic boxes...
Then this is my lounge where I have had to move my 6 frames for my latest scrap pages.  These were next to each other where the printers tray is now! At least visitors get to see them too!  You can just see my tag display down the passage.  I did blog this before, but thought I would show you the knock on effect this awesome gift of the printers tray has been!

See you at your desk soon

Thanks for the visit



  1. You are being sneaky then!!
    I know what you mean about craft fairs sneaking up on you when you aren't looking!

  2. I don't know where to begin, I did spot Flat Susan on the shelf in front of the green thing. 2nd row, 7th from the left. I LOVE your craft room. I wanna come play. I also love your family photo frames. Those are just awesome. I showed my hubby your craft room, he's going to design me some storage for mine, so he has been checking out others to get an idea. Not that mine will ever come close to looking like yours. I'm a FS follower, so I look forward to seeing what you do with her. Have a great week. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #41

  3. Just wanted to correct my linky #, it's 44 not 41. Don't know how that happens??
    WOYWW #44

  4. what a great space you have! Good luck getting ready for the 25th - next month will be here in a flash! helen 7

  5. Ohhh it is great that your lighting is now good! You can never have too much lighting in your craft room!! I just LOVE my daylight lamp as it means that I am not going blind now when I create lol! Love your craft area, but I think I say that every time I come here lol! Love your scrapbook pages in the frames in your lounge room they look fantastic!! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #69

  6. I'll wait for the sneak peeks, to see it now would make me want it so I'll just lay low lol
    Bridget #24

  7. Hi Belinda as busy as always ,maybe the clear drawers will be more practical...love your L.O on the wall!

  8. The tray looks marvellous. As does the display 'knock on'..what a great idea. I don't know about paper or clear - too much choice is what gets me in difficulty all the time!

  9. Took me ages to find Flat Susan! I reckon my poor eyes need some of your super lighting! Your scrap book pages look so beautiful in your lounge. Good move to get them where people can appreciate such lovely work! Happy WOYWW! Julie Ann x #17

  10. Hi Bella
    your desk is looking really good with lots of crafting goodies out on it.
    I hope you get your stock together and enjoy your sale, my daughter and I did a craft fair at the weekend it was a lot of fun.
    I think your printer draws would look great if you could see inside each draw and as you said you would see the stuff and then use it

    Sending hugs for WOYWW and hope you enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #45

  11. wow! it's a real crafter's home! love your framed pages - it's great that everyone can enjoy them!
    love all your lil drawers and supplies!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 61

  12. Wow you definitely have one very organised craft space and I love the wonderful frames your double page layouts are in. Happy WOYWW! Danie #74

  13. Fantastic, such a wonderful craft space.

    Lynda #1

  14. Hope FS didn't get lost in your wonderful craft room - bet she had a good snoop!! x Jo

  15. WoWza - look at all those crafting goodies !!! Awesome :-) I spotted flat Susan about the middle on the 2nd row down :-)
    The printer's tray is a brilliant idea and it's looking great :-)

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece xx #13

  16. Wow, I absolutely love your craft space - can I come and live with you lol???

  17. I want a tray like that! You could give therapy classes - Organisational Know-how for OCD Scrappers like me!

  18. B I love that huge printers tray thing you have in your room it is so cool and I love that you can see what you have. You are so busy... cant wait to see what you are making....

  19. What wonderful lighting, and what I wouldn't give to have it here. Love your large space of creativity!
    Krisha #22

  20. Lovely space you have...I wasn't able to spot Flat Susan. She's hiding really well. Can your hubbie come over and add some lights for me? LOL. My craft room at night is so dark. The light in the room is just a couple small bulbs plus my Ott light. I really would love some of those super bright lights like you have. Brigita #95

  21. You are super busy and you still manage to do awesome stuff. Love the printers tray and how you have methodically organised all those little bits and pieces.
    Sandra @87

  22. G'day Bella
    Just popping in for WOYWW. Yes I am late again lol. Sorry i didnt get to return a comment to you for WOYWW a fortnight ago. Too many things were happening at once in my life!. Anyway here I am at your room at last. OMG I love the printers tray and all your room looks so organised. I prefer clear containers too. Good luck with the craft fair!
    Annette In oz #60

  23. Thanks for popping by... I would love to spend the day in your scraproom... everything always looks so darn pretty and organised!! Love the big double LOl frames on your wall, they really make a statement! Annette


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