Sunday, 5 July 2015

Steampunk Hat for Me

Hello there
Or should I say Servus?  I have been in steampunk mode for months now as I plan and prep for a large art installation.  I decided that as I install the project at the shop, I should wear my own hat to create the right ambiance... so I set about creating this...

The goggles started off as normal cheap swimming ones...which I took apart and sprayed with copper spray paint, then put back together and doctored with some alcohol inks.

the left hand side is just the normal spray paint and the right has the alcohol inks on already...

Here are close ups of the before and after alcohol ink
 I even did the inside of the goggles as you can see through the perspex

Then I started on the hat which I bought at a fancy dress shop.
 I sprayed it copper.
When this was dry I used the Wendy Vecchi black embossing paste through Tims clock stencil on the sides and over his masks on the top of the hat.

I then started adding all the decorative bits and bobs....

By the time I was finished I was working on top of everything I had used on my desk and to show you how engrossed I was, I was hemmed in on the floor too...all this is now back in its place and the floor and desk are visible again, but I thought I would show you the fall out I created while having fun!


  1. Fabulous steampunk hat!!

  2. Another fab creation from your milliner hands! Love those hats you have done - and the goggles - and everything else!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Wow, wow, wow, you will look fabulous in this amazing steampunk hat. The goggles are just fantastic. Please, please get some photos of you wearing this stunning creation at the event... would love to see them! Anne xx

  4. wow, this is soooooo cool!!! I love it! =) I'm with Anne, I want to see photos. ;-)

  5. Fantastic! What a wonderful creation. I can't believe the transformation of the goggles and the pocket watch full of beans cracked me up.

  6. Full of beans... yup. Generally a good way to describe you! I must stock up on sleep as I get ready to host you in a couple of weeks' time Bella!

    1. Apologies- my first attempt to comment was eaten. Second time around omitted to say great work on the latest hat!

  7. Great post and great creation

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    I congratulate you for these wonderful shares. Keep it up!
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  9. What material was the hat you bought? Was wondering what material will let the spray paint stick?


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