Thursday, 2 May 2013

Google+ Comments problem SOLVED!

OH MY WORD!  It has taken me the best part of 3 days to undo one little thing.

I ticked the box:  Use Google+ Comments on this blog:  BAD MOVE

In the photo below it is now unticked!  Amazing how one little tick can cause such stress!
After discovering that non Google+ members could not comment without joining G+ I left G+ and thought that I would reinstate Blogger as plain old Blogger and that would be that...but the comments thing was stuck on G+  and even after following all the help prompts, I could not change it back from my Blogger dashboard as you can see from my previous post...COMMENTS had vanished as an option to click on!

So after some time, I have now rejoined G+ and found the place to untick the comment thing!  PHEW! Hopefully things will go back to normal around here.  I don't mind the G+ but I do mind the comment thing and Google forcing peeps to become G+ members to be able to comment...Why have a blog if half your friends cant comment?

I found that with the G+ comment system it was a bit like Face Book as friends of peeps who had commented on my post would comment to their friend and I would have their irrelevant and personal comments coming up on my blog.  I am not going there again I can tell you!

Thanks to Peggy Apl who pointed me to  a help page that got me on the right track.

Hope this helps anyone else who wants to back track.


  1. hahahahah thanks for that B... I also ticked mine yesterday... didn't realize that was the problem so I have unticked too. Sorry you had to go through all of that... glad you back up and running :D x

  2. Can't find your WOYWW post so commenting here instead. What a picnic you have had with the Google plus - I can't work out anything so have joined something but not sure it is the right thing.

    Do you follow that? Sounds muddle to me.


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